Wix Puts All of Its SEO Tools into One Single Page

Wix puts all of its SEO tools into one single page. You can now edit meta tags and URL slugs all on a single Wix page.

Wix Puts All of Its SEO Tools into One Single Page

Wix Puts All of Its SEO Tools into One Single Page

Web design platform Wix has now designed a new SEO tool and service that it says will allow users to review and edit meta tags for each page as well as URL slugs, indexability, and lastly, open graph tags.

The update which is now available gives various businesses the option and choice to customize elements that are SEO-related such as structured data markups from one single settings page which is the Wix dashboard.

The company has now come out to say that users can make use of the new SEO settings for main website pages and product pages, and also are working on making the tool available for blogging sites.

Wix Has Heavily Focused In Advancing Its SEO Offering

Over the space of the last two years, Wix has heavily focused on advancing its SEO offering that is attached to its famous website builder service.

This new tool in question is an addition to the suite of SEO-related releases by WIX and this is including the site inspection tool and integration of Semrush.

Wix with the sole aim of giving its users the tool in order to compete on search engines says that it has focused on making this new tool house SEO features on a single page on its Wix editor. This will therefore provide users with a complete picture of all their meta tags thus giving a better understanding of what really needs improving and customizing.

Wix Emailed PDF Message to TechRadar Pro

“The SEO Settings tool helps users apply the same SEO logic to many pages at once,” Wix in a written PDF emailed to TechRadar Pro.

“Instead of editing a single page’s settings, it allows users to customize the settings that apply to the whole section, folder, or collection of pages, all at once. This way, users can create a systematic SEO strategy much quicker, and optimize their pages at scale. These basic settings include default meta tags for each page type, social preview, and more info about their pages’ structured data.”

Einat Hoobian-Seybold’s Response to the Development

SEO product lead at Wix, Einat Hoobian-Seybold told TechRadar Pro that is the mission of the site builder to support and also streamline common and daily SEO workflows for its users.

“Editing meta tags and other settings manually for each page is extremely time-consuming, especially when users are dealing with large sites,” Hoobian-Seybold adds.

“We’re thrilled that with this new release users can now review and edit all of their SEO meta tags, URL slug, indexability, structured data markup, and robots meta tags in one place. This enables them to edit everything easily and at scale, making the SEO editing process fast and efficient.”


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