Facebook Update Now Allows You to Create Your Own Feed

Facebook update now allows you to create your own feed both on android and iOS. With this, you can easily tailor what you want to see on the social media platform.

Facebook Update Now Allows You to Create Your Own Feed

Facebook Update Now Allows You to Create Your Own Feed

Meta which is the parent company of Facebook has announced an update to the Facebook social media platform and app on iOS and android platforms where a feed tab will appear at the top of the app, therefore, allowing you to filter the feed for your pages, friends or any other thing on the platform.

What You Can Do With This New Update

You can also confirm and add friends and pages to a new ‘favorites’ list as confirmed in a  post by Mark Zuckerberg, CEO of meta. The feature will allow you to easily cut back from things on the platform that you find yourself scrolling through subconsciously at times.

Whether it is that you are on Android or iOS, you will see this very tab at the bottom or top of the Facebook app and from there you can create these lists. On this tab, there is also a ‘Home’ list. This list will show you an overview of the latest posts on the platform when you open or launch the app.

Facebook Is Giving Users More Self-Control Features

This new update on the platform seems to be another effort by the social media giants to give users on the platform more control in regards to what they see. And this is also further proof that Meta is working tirelessly in giving and helping users view whatever it is that they want.

When it comes to customization of the Facebook app, it has always been difficult. And for a long time now, meta has always believed that users on the platform should put trust in its algorithm in creating content that it thinks users would like to see.


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