Instagram Update Turns It Into a Better Holiday Planner

Instagram update turns it into a better holiday planner. Does this mean that Instagram is now the new Google maps rival?

Instagram Update Turns It Into a Better Holiday Planner

Instagram Update Turns It into a Better Holiday Planner

In the event that you are in search of a new place to get a bite or even get your hair done, then you should forget to turn to Google maps for help as it is now time to open up your Instagram app. The photo and video-focused social media platform just received a new update for its very own maps feature. The feature will make it even easier to locate popular spots whether it is that you are in a nearby location or in a potential holiday destination.

To open up the updated maps feature of the app you can make use of explore to search for specific services or search in a specific area. Or you can instead tap on a location tag on a post or a story to find other nearby locations and destinations.

And once you are on the map, you can easily move around to find spots and view other Instagram content that has been tagged there. If however, you are after something specific, you can use the filters feature to find hotels, bars, or even salons and many other things.

How to Check For the New Instagram Update

At the moment, the map update on Instagram should be rolling out to Instagram users on iPhone and Android. So it just might be that you have downloaded it. But in order to be sure, we recommended that you head to the Apple app store or the Google play store to check if your app has an impending update waiting to be installed.


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