Monster Hunter Rise Mods – How to Install

Monster Hunter Rise Mods can be the absolute game changers if you really choose to take the time in properly install them. Whether you want to see the health bar of a monster immediately, weakness icon indicators, or even enhanced drop rates, modding is an amazing way for you to tweak your Monster Hunter rise experience to your exact specifications.

Monster Hunter Rise Mods

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Monster Hunter Rise

As Thrilling as Monster Hunter Rise’s Select of dramatic hunts can be, it can be disheartening to be at the mercy of drop rates and random number generators. We have all been on ill-fated hunts where, after half an hour of grueling combat, we have missed out on that one monster part that we so desperately needed. Though grinding has been backed into the fabric of the game, wouldn’t it be nice to have the option to make things just a bit easier?

Fortunately, there is a much better way. By downloading and installing REFramework, you should be able to create your copy of Monster Hunter Rise moddable and far more flexible than the vanilla version. Keep on reading, and everything from subtle aesthetic tweaks to your character to wide-ranging changes to game physics can be at your whims.

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How to Install REFramework

REFramework is a prerequisite mode that you would need to install even before you begin customizing your game. You cannot find it at Nexus Mods. Simply click on the ‘Manual download’ button and you are set to be on your way in no time.

Once you have downloaded the file, you would be required to extract it using software like Winrar or 7zip. You would then be required to place the dinput8.dll in the install folder of Monster Hunter Rise. Then click ‘manage’ and then ‘Browse local files. This would take you to the install location where you need to place dinput8.dll.

Once you have got REFramework installed, you can then launch Monster Hunter Rise. This would then create an ‘autorun’ folder in your game folder. This is where you would place any shiny new mods that you can choose to install.

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Installation Tips

In other to assist, you would be a modding journey, we have prepared a handy list of some of our favorite ways to spruce up the monster Hunter rise experience. You need to be aware of some of these mods require you to have other framework mods installed before they would work. You can find these Prerequisites under the ‘Requirements’ section of their entry on Nexus mods.

When deciding to get a new mod installed, you need to be sure to read the description carefully and to set up any prerequisites that it might have. A couple of minutes of reading could actually save you some frustration when you next launch the game.

Fortunately, every prerequisite mode that we have seen is installed in the same way as REFramework and can be set up usually by moving a couple of files to certain places. If you are not sure, then you need to consult the mod’s installation guide on Nexus Mods and you would have those other framework mods set up in no time.

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Monster Hunter Rise Mods

So, with all that stated, I would be giving you a list of our favorite Mods, All of which are with checking out as you begin modding.

  • MHR Overlay adds in-game data about monsters and players to your UI. No longer would you have to guess at exactly how many more times you would need to hit that monster before it drops its sweet, sweet loot. You would also need to install REFramework Direct2D as a prerequisite, so have it at the back of your mind if you are planning in setting up an MHR overlay.
  • Monster Weakness Icon Indicator for sunbreak does exactly what it says on the tin. It would alter the icons of large monsters to show their elemental weakness. This is quite handy, especially if you would be facing up a foe that you are not familiar with.
  • Drop Rates Enhanced is a breath of fresh air for all veterans and newcomers in the game. This would help increase the number of rewards per monster and it comes in three different types: Balanced, not so balanced, and Unbalanced. As the name states, the balance would offer you a minor increase in loot while Unbalanced shower you with three times the usual number of rewards.
  • Carve Timer Skip and Fast Return offer a great quality of life improvement. This is simple but quite effective, this mod skips both the carve timer and the quest-ending animation, and it allows you to get back to Kamura village without the usual wait.
  • VIP Dango Tickets is quite a real treat and it offers all the Dango that you consume at a 100% activation rate. This is one amazing way to guarantee that you benefit from crucial buffs as you go out on your huts.

With these Monster Hunter Rise mods, you should be able to save a whole lot of time and you would be treated to the considerable quality of life improvements. With just some clicks, a more bespoke and forgiving Monster Hunter Rise experience can be yours.

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