Mario Strikers Add Daisy and Others in Its First Ever Free Update

Mario strikers add Daisy and others in its first ever free update. Two new playable characters are now set to join the switch sports game on the 21st of July.

Mario Strikers Add Daisy and Others in Its First Ever Free Update

Mario Strikers Add Daisy and Others in Its First Ever Free Update

The latest sports game on Nintendo Switch, Mario Strikers: Battle League is now getting its very first post-launch update this week. The patch will go live on the 21st of July and it is set to come with new characters, a new stadium, and much other content to the game.

Two New Playable Characters Will Join the Roaster First

At first, two new playable characters will join the roster which is Daisy and Shy Guy. The princess, Daisy, boasts of a very high technique that stops her from getting knocked down by her opponents. Shy Guy on the other hand is a well-rounded character who can easily be tweaked as you need with a gear.

And in addition to the new playable characters, the update is also coming with a new stadium, desert ruin, and also knight equipment. The gear will increase the strength of a character and shoot all at the expense of technique and speed.

Two More Updates Will Arrive Before the End Of 2022

Nintendo has also stated that two more free Mario Strikers updates are set to arrive on the platform before the end of 2022. With these new confirmed updates, they will likewise come with new playable characters, gear, and stadium. But as of now, no specifications have been announced in this regard.

Other Switch Games Have Also Received Updates This Year

Mario Strikers is not the only switch game that is receiving ongoing support this year. The gaming platform also will be releasing more tracks for Mario kart 8 Deluxe as part of its Booster Course Pass. The first wave of tricks initially arrived in March this year. And more than five waves are confirmed to follow suit through the end of 2023.


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