Fitbit Charge 5 Now Has a New Smart Feature

Fitbit Charge 5 now has a new smart feature and this feature could be quite a huge relief. Fitbit is set to give your watch the tile treatment with its newly launched find my phone feature.

Fitbit Charge 5 Now Has a New Smart Feature

Fitbit Charge 5 Now Has a New Smart Feature

Fitbit has added a very important feature to its charge 5 activity trackers quietly and it is all about tracking your phone in your stead. The latest firmware, version 57.20001.171.50 arrived on Tuesday and it is set to give users the ability to ping their paired smartphones, therefore, making it make a loud sound in your bid to find it. After making use of the ‘find phone’ button, hitting the ‘cancel’ button will make the Fitbit charge 5 stop the noise.

This Feature Is Not New To Fitbit

This very feature is not new to Fitbit. But prior to this, it was an exclusive feature to the smartwatches of the company such as the Versa and Sense lineups. Generally, making use of the feature requires a smartphone to be paired through Bluetooth, within close proximity of the watch, and also have the Fitbit app running in the background. The new find phone feature will work on any phone that supports the Fitbit app.

The Reason the Feature Was Not Announced

It is quite odd that Fitbit which is now owned by Google did not make noise about the charge 5’s newly found phone-finding feature as it is the only recognized feature in this firmware update. The company’s own Versa smartwatch lineup similarly is priced when on sale. That being said, it is possible that Fitbit did not make a fuss about the feature due to the fact that it does not want to cannibalize sales of Versa.

The feature however does not add more utility to the already value-oriented fitness tracker and it gives those persons that do not want a full-fledged smartwatch a different way to locate a phone that is misplaced. The smartwatch also has the benefit of not being locked to a specified ecosystem. Both Apple and Samsung watches already have similar features but they are however for Samsung and Apple phones only and respectively.


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