Newegg Just Launched a New Graphics Card Shopping Platform

Newegg just launched a new graphics card shopping platform and it is quite something else. The platform and website, is here to showcase some of the best if not all the best graphics cards for you to buy.

Newegg Just Launched a New Graphics Card Shopping Platform

Newegg Just Launched a New Graphics Card Shopping Platform

Online retailer Newegg just recently launched its own all-new retail website known as This very website will be selling one thing and one thing alone. And do you know what it is? will be selling all the best graphics cards in the market to you from Nvidia and AMD at the moment. The website also is offering some great discounts on its products.

The platform is quite incredible and extraordinarinary. Another thing you should know about this newly launched website is that it is not just an ordinary eCommerce website. The platform also is a major and significant research hub and tool for when you are shopping for graphics cards all thanks to the platform’s extensive benchmark information on every card that is available on the site.

“ simplifies the shopping experience for a large number of our customers who are specifically shopping only for GPUs and need resources to make informed decisions to upgrade their gaming PC builds,” director of product management for Newegg, Jim Tseng in a statement said.

“Customers are spending a lot of time researching throughout the Internet for GPUs, including performance details and pricing,” Jim continued. “We’re reducing the hassle and frustration for customers by providing a streamlined resource with this new personalized shopping site.”

General Analysis of the Website

The website however is still just in the beta phase for now, but it is really something. And whether it is that you are looking to purchase a graphics card at the moment or you are looking to do so in the near future, then this website will be of major benefit for you and other customers looking to upgrade.

On the website, when you click on ‘shop all GPU,’ as well as to the price of the card, the website will also provide you with the breakdowns of how each of the GPUs performs in contrast to many of the best PC games around and this is including Cyberpunk 2077, Elden Ring, far cry 6, Forza Horizon and so many more.

The platform also allows you to adjust the configurations a little bit so that you can see how the performance changes based on your own resolution and also with a series of processor tiers.


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