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Speaking of Facebook Small Business Grants Program, the Pandemic this year so far has affected so many businesses. Both big and small businesses are affected by the pandemic of COVID-19. It would be difficult for big businesses to recover let alone small businesses. Facebook according to them have heard that a little support can go a long way. In response to that, they decided to offer a hundred million naira in cash grant and ads credit to help individuals during these challenging times. What this somewhat little help can do could be miraculous and life-changing. Keep reading below for more information.

Facebook Small Business Grants Program

Facebook Small Business Grants Program

If you are looking to keep your workforce going, then you should definitely try out this program and apply. It could also help you with rent and operational costs. More importantly, you can be sure of getting more connection with customers. Also, the Facebook Small Business Grants Program can help support your community. There is absolutely no harm in giving it a try as there is nothing to lose. However, your business must be eligible for your application to be approved.

Facebook Small Business Grants Program Eligibility

Yes, up to thirty thousand (30 000) eligible small businesses in over twenty-five (25) countries will be able to receive a grant from Facebook.

  • Your business must have been in business for over a year.
  • Your business must have between two (2) to fifty (50) employees.
  • Again, you must have experienced challenges due to COVID-19.
  • Lastly, you must be in or near a location where Facebook operates.

Above are the eligibility requirements for your business to get approved.

When Can I Apply for Facebook Small Business Grants Program

You can learn whether applications are available in your area by selecting your country. Follow the steps below to learn if applications are available to you.

  • Get your digital device that has a web browser and connect it to the internet.
  • Open in a new tab on the web browser https://web.facebook.com/business/boost/grants?_rdc=1&_rdr.
  • Scroll down on the webpage and locate the “Where can I apply?” section.
  • Select your country from that section and tap on the “eligible cities” link to view a list of the countries eligible.

Above are the steps you need to follow to find out if you are eligible to receive the Facebook Small Business Grants Program.

How do I Apply for Facebook Small Business Grants Program

It is actually very simple to apply for the Small Business Grants Program. You should know, Facebook has partnered with Ureeka to administer the application process. However, before you begin, it is important to check if grants are available in your location.

Carefully, follow the onscreen prompts given to you afterward till you have successfully applied for the grant.



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