Facebook Fundraiser For COVID- 19 – About The Facebook Fundraiser For COVID- 19

Is there a Facebook fundraiser for COVID-19? In the wake of the COVID-19 pandemic outbreak, individuals, organizations and world governments are all making efforts to curb its effects. The situation is just like a wildfire that needs to be put out real quick. If not put out or controlled in time, this pandemic will cause more havoc.

Facebook Fundraiser For COVID- 19

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Facebook Fundraiser For COVID-19- 19

With a pandemic such as COVID-19. Surely it’s going to cost a whole lot to manage. From laboratory equipment to relief equipment and so much more. It’s going to cost a lot. Organizations and individuals alike have all contributed to this cause. In terms of cash and items. World governments are even doing all in their power to curb this pandemic. The good news here is that social media platforms like Facebook aren’t left out of this.

Facebook has donated generously to the World Health Organization. Via the United Nations Foundation. To take us further in this article. I would love to tell you all what the Facebook fundraiser for COVID-19 is all about. The Facebook fundraiser for COVID-19 is a fundraiser being held on the Facebook platform. This is in reaction to the coronavirus pandemic rocking the world presently.

Just in case you are surprised by this, you shouldn’t. the fundraiser feature has been on the Facebook platform for quite some time now. This feature lets individuals, organizations, and corporations raise or generate money for a charity, a cause or an enterprise.

The United Nations Foundation via the Facebook fundraiser feature has launched a campaign on the Facebook social media platform. This campaign is targeted to raise money to directly help fight and provide relief material. And other helpful items to places where they are needed the most during this period.

About The Facebook Fundraiser For COVID-19

This fundraiser as of the time of this writing is still ongoing. Facebook, itself has made a matching $10 million contribution to this cause. Gucci has also donated $1 million to this same cause and Facebook has also matched this contribution. The funds raised or donated via this platform will help the World Health Organization in their tireless fight and effort to combat the COVID-19 outbreak.

Donations will help go a long way in tracking and understanding this virus. And, also, how it spreads and how it is treated. Those infected with this virus and health workers alike will get the required help. And supplies needed in the fight against this virus. The funds will help and add to the efforts in developing vaccines, tests and, treatments.

The main purpose of this fund is to help the World Health Organization. And it’s mission globally to help countries prevent, detect and respond to this virus. This fundraiser was created at the request of WHO by the United Nations Foundation in partnership with the Swiss philanthropy foundation.

Who Can Donate To This Fundraiser

Anyone can donate to this fundraiser or mission. Individuals, organizations, corporations, foundations and, others can donate to this cause. But before you donate to this mission. You must adhere to the UN foundations or Swiss philanthropy foundations’ diligence policies. Receipts of funds from alcohol, tobacco industries, and firearms are not accepted.

Where Do The Funds Go

Funds donated on this platform will be received by the UN Foundation. And the Swiss Philanthropy Foundation. These funds will then be used by the World Health Organization and its partners in supporting countries by the COVID-19 strategic preparedness and response plan. A huge part of the funds donated on this platform will help high-risk and vulnerable countries with feeble health systems in strengthening their preparedness to prevent COVID-19.

95% of the funds donated through Facebook will go to the World Health Organization in response efforts. 5% will, therefore, go to the UN Foundation, to cover the various forms of costs of online transactions.

How Is This Fundraiser Different From Other Donations Towards The COVID- 19

Major corporations and individuals all over the world and funding announcements have been made all over the world. This shows that people and organizations alike are eager to donate. And contribute towards curbing this world pandemic. The World Bank also has made commitments towards bolstering the economic resilience of nations in this period. This platform is the only way through which individual donors can contribute to WHO’s global response efforts.

How To Donate To This Platform

To donate to this platform. You will need to visit the Facebook fundraiser for COVID-19 page on Facebook. To do this, follow the steps below;

Follow the steps on the next page to make your donations. Donating via this platform is only available to selected regions. If it is not available in your region you will not be able to donate when you click or tap on the donate tab.

As of the time of this writing, 194, 000 people have donated to this cause. One million persons have been invited to this page. And over 170, 000 people have shared this page’s link on Facebook. This fundraiser will end in 63 days.



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