Facebook Birthday Fundraiser – Facebook Birthday Fundraising – How to Start a Facebook Birthday Fundraiser


Fundraisers have been a source of raising funds for several means. This article Facebook Birthday Fundraiser however is how you can use Facebook to create a fundraiser for your birthday. Facebook does believe that birthdays should be special and they want to helps users make it special (make them feel loved). Every day, more than 45 million people give birthday wishes on Facebook according to Facebook Social Impact.

Facebook Birthday Fundraiser

Facebook Birthday Fundraiser

Facebook Fundraiser is designed in a unique and peculiar way. It also works in a unique and peculiar way. Two weeks before the user’s birthday, users will see a message from Facebook in their newsfeed giving them the opportunity or option of creating a fundraiser for their birthday fundraiser.

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Facebook Birthday Fundraising

Before you can raise a fundraiser on Facebook, you need a registered account. The steps below will be guiding you to register for an account on the platform.

  • Open the Facebook official app of the website using the web address facebook.com.
  • If you are using a desktop device, you would be greeted with the registration form on the account home page. For mobile devices, find and click on the “Create an account” button. It may vary on different devices.
  • Carefully fill the registration form with all the information required.
  • Verify your mobile number or email address or both. You can do this by entering the code sent to your mobile number or email address into the box provided on the screen.
  • Select a profile photo for your account and you are set.

Above is how you can register for an account on the platform.

Facebook Sign In

If you already have an account with the platform, there is no need in creating a new account. The steps below would guide you in successfully signing in to your account.

  • Open the platform official app or website.
  • On the login form, enter your account login details. Your login details are your account username, email address or phone number, and password.
  • Lastly hit the “Login” button and you would be signed in, in a few seconds.

If you seem to have forgotten your account password, simply tap on the “Forgot Password?” link and have your password reset.

How to Start a Facebook Birthday Fundraiser

Below is a guide to launching a Facebook birthday fundraiser.

Below are the things you would be required to provide.

  • The nonprofit you want to raise money for.
  • The amount of money you want to raise.
  • The date you want your fundraiser to end.
  • And a title and description for your fundraiser among many other things.

Above is how you can begin a birthday fundraiser.

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