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Facebook Friend Request – How to Accept a Facebook Friend Request

Do you need a guide on How to Accept a Facebook Friend Request? Then the step below is all you need. Facebook is all about connecting with friends and families all over the world and before you can connect with your friends or families. You either have to send a friend request to them or they send a friend request. This content will be based on accepting a Facebook Friend Request from your friends and your families if they sent you a friend request.

Facebook Friend Request

Confirming a Facebook Facebook Friend Request is very easy and simple if you follow the right steps given. To accept a friend request doesn’t take time. It only takes a couple of minutes for you to accept their friend request and start connecting with them. We will be helping you in every way needed for you to know the steps on how to accept a friend request.

When you receive a friend request newly, a little red icon shows your news feed which is located at the top of your page. Inside the red icon will be the total numbers of people that sent a friend request to you. Users can be notified also on their phone or through their email.

Steps on how to Accept a Facebook Friend Request

  • Visit the link facebook.com
  • Enter your login details
  • Click on the friend request icon at the top of your page
  • Click on the confirm icon to accept a friend request
  • And click on the delete request icon to delete the request if you don’t need it

Users should note that it is important to accept the friend requests from people you know. And not from people you don’t know so as to be safe. So if you are looking for a guide or the procedure or steps to follow on how to accept a Facebook Friend Request. The above step is all for you.

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