Discover New Ways To Build Your Business With Free Online Courses From Google

Are you a small business owner and you are ready to take your business to the next level? What if I told you can Discover New Ways To Build Your Business With Free Online Courses From Google? Yes, you can learn new ways to build your small business. Google now offers digital skills training, tools, and resources that can help sell to customers online, boost your sales and online presence, and promote business. This training can be done online or in-person depending on the option that best suits you. All these do not come at any cost at all as it is all free. All that is needed of you is to register and be consistent with the training because, on completion of the training, there is a Google certification to be received.

Discover New Ways To Build Your Business With Free Online Courses From Google

Discover New Ways To Build Your Business With Free Online Courses From Google

Most of us are quite aware of the usual way to market our businesses. But with the world tending towards the digital side of life, businesses are also making a shift. Now most people do more of their shopping for goods and products online than actually going to the shops, stores, or warehouses physically to make purchases. Business transactions are now being done over the web without physical touch or contact and the same applies to ordering for services.

So why wait and hope for customers to come to your business when you can take your business to the one place where you know they must be; the internet? To achieve this, you would need some digital skills, tools, and resources to make this happen. Putting up good content for your potential customers, understanding their behaviour, and also keeping them coming back for your products and services.

These tools, resources, and skills are what Google is offering for free to us all. Still, in doubt, Google is always just a few taps and clicks away from you. Google has several platforms with different programs and useful courses that are very vital in helping you grow your business. Besides business, Google also helps you in your career, start a business, and helps you prepare a good CV and resume.

Grow with Google

Grow with Google which is an online platform of Google in conjunction with partners all over the world, is an initiative of Google that offers free training, tools, and resources to help you grow your skills career or business. This platform aims at small businesses and owners, job seekers and students, IT support professionals.

Some of the resources Google makes available for you to use in building your business are;

  • Applied digital skills,
  • Google for small business,
  • Market finder,
  • Google My Business,
  • Google Analytics, and
  • Primer.

Some of the programs that on this Grow with Google platform are;

  • Businesses
  • Personal growth
  • Startups
  • Teachers/ educators
  • Android developers
  • Cultural organizations
  • YouTube creators

These programs have several courses running under them. Picking any of these categories of the programs above gives you access to learn the courses, and gather tools and resources to complete your training.

This is a worldwide platform that has several programs running on it that could be of great use to those hoping to acquire digital skills. This platform has recorded huge progress and a lot of success stories too with over seven hundred Europeans that have either found jobs or grown their businesses. is

Google Digital Skills

Google’s digital skill is another initiative of Google. On this platform, Google focuses on training any interested person in digital skills. Knowing the world is on the move, Google is in its way contributing by helping us prepare for the digital world.

Currently, there is a Google Digital Skills for Africa, which is aimed at training young people in Africa in digital skills and digital marketing. By doing this, Google is equipping young people in Africa in readiness to be able to cope with the digital world.

This platform has partners working with Google, the same with Grow with Google to train interested minds on these skills.

Google Digital Garage

This is a non-profit nationwide program from Google delivering free digital skills training via an online learning platform. The program gives individuals specific training plans to learn a particular skill totally for free.

Here on this platform, you get to discover tools to make your business succeed, improve your interview skills, and prepare for the career you want. In this program, the skills being learned are today’s most in-demand skills and they are;

  • Data and tech,
  • Digital marketing, and
  • Career development

The platform is very affordable and flexible. This means the side being free, the learning process is totally on your schedule. You choose and fix your classes, training, and the rest but then you are expected to follow through with your schedule.

Google Certification

Google certification is a certificate that is awarded to a trainee who has completed any of the Google programs successfully. Before one is given a Google certification for a program on Google, that person must have undergone the program, done the quizzes, tests, assignments, and projects, and ultimately taken and passed the final exams.

The certificate given by Google is a well-recognized certificate by Google and other companies and employers. The certificate can be shared on LinkedIn in the certificate section so employers can see it. The certification can also be added to your resume, CV, and other important documents.

Receiving this certificate would cost you how to an amount of US$49. After settling this amount, you would be directed to how to download it from Google. The Google certificate requires renewal every two years. This means, if you do not renew this certificate, it would be rendered null and void. Renewing the certificate keeps it authentic and valid.

Benefits of Learning Digital Skills with Google

Most of the time free is overlooked and not valuable but that is not the case when you Discover New Ways To Build Your Business With Free Online Courses From Google. Here are some of the benefits of learning digital skills with Google;

  • Increase in business productivity.
  • Flexible schedule and learning hours.
  • Providing new ways of working.
  • Allows businesses to build customer relationship.
  • Help to increase revenue.
  • Free training, resources, and tools.
  • Certification on completion of some of the programs
  • Better opportunities with jobs, job searches, and potential employers with the Google certification.

These are some of the benefits of learning digital skills with Google. Google is hoping to reach out and support more people- one million- in the year 2020. Take up a course today and you could be a part of the story too.



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