Cudos Foundation Grant Program 2023 for African Entrepreneurs – How to Apply Now

Cudos Foundation Grant Program 2023 for African Entrepreneurs – (Grants ranging from $5,000 to $250,000 USD) – Entrepreneurs in Africa can now apply for the Cudos Foundation Grant Program 2023. Initiatives that support long-term growth are funded by the foundation.

Cudos Foundation Grant Program
Cudos Foundation Grant Program

The Cudos Foundation Grant Program is created to provide funds for initiatives that power the development and growth of the Cudos ecosystem through Its community of builders and creators.

The foundation is committed to funding talented teams that are in line with it’s vision of creating a sustainable future that’s borderless, scalable, and secure. The Cudos Foundation grant program offers up to $5,000 to $250,000 USD, structured across three main categories, which provides support to entrepreneurs, developers, innovators, and community members.

Additionally, the Cudos foundation grants Program will provide mentorship opportunities to all grant recipients, in addition to mentorship, serving technical and educational resources, community development opportunities, and value-add connections to its network of ecosystem partners.

Details About Cudos Foundation Grant Program

  • Program type: Entrepreneurship
  • Host Organization: Cudos Foundation
  • Gender: Men and Women
  • Application Deadline: January 31, 2023
  • Grant Types: Developers, Startups, Community & Education
  • Key Areas of Interest: Gaming, Metaverse, Decentralized Finance, Web3, Non-fungible Tokens, Infrastructure Tooling, Middleware, Community Development, Oracles, Bridging & Onboarding
  • Grant Categories: Developer Grants

About Cudos Foundation

The Cudos Foundation was established to serve as a catalyst for the development and growth of the Cudos blockchain network in support of becoming the preeminent leader in decentralized cloud computing.

The Foundation operates as a gateway and a destination, bringing together an ever-growing community of Web3 builders and creators grounded in Cudos’ core principles of sustainability, inclusivity, and impact.

The Foundation supports projects, developers, and community members focused on providing funding, resources, and community initiatives that are vital to the expansion of Cudos’ blockchain ecosystem.

Benefits of Cudos Foundation Grant Program 2023

  • The Cudos Foundation Grant program will be rewarded in the value range of between $5,000 to $250,000 USD, on average.
  • Grants are offered to builders and creators of all types.
  • The program is designed for the development and growth of the Cudos ecosystem through its community and all stakeholders

How to Apply for the Cudos Foundation Grant Program 2023?

Eligibility Criteria for Cudos Foundation Grant Program Qualification

Candidates must meet the requirements below to be eligible

  • Succinct: Candidates must be sure to balance the necessary level of detail needed to answer a question with being concise and to the point. Also, documentation will likely be requested during an in-depth review if Candidates are accepted into the formal process.
  • Honest: There is a need for a strong understanding of the support the project needs, including the resources to complete the project and ensure that both the grant and project are successful.
  • Forward-thinking: innovators creating applications, tools, or community-focused initiatives are welcomed to create a network effect and long-standing value to the Cudos ecosystem. Candidates should have the ability to deliver on key adoption metrics such as total value locked (TVL), network transactions growth,

Important Date, Process for Cudos Foundation Grant Program

  • Week 1: Proposal Submission
  • Week 2 & 3: In-depth Review
  • Weeks 4 & 5: Grant Agreement Finalization
  • Week 6: First Payment and Milestone Schedule

Application Deadline

January 31, 2023



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