Green Growth Africa EcoHeroes Initiative 2022/2023 for African Students – How to Apply Now

Call for applications are open for the Green Growth Africa EcoHeroes Initiative 2022/2023.

Green Growth Africa EcoHeroes Initiative
Green Growth Africa EcoHeroes Initiative

Green Growth Africa is implementing the EcoHeroes Initiative as an empowerment platform for African youths, this is backed up with action competences through the acquisition and application of Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics skills in addressing challenges (environmental and social) within their local communities.

The EcoHeroes initiative also seeks to raise a new generation of 21st century green workforce who are skilled at developing solutions to 21st century challenges.

The initiative enhances practical, experiential, and hands-on acquisition of problem-solving skills by addressing real-world environmental problems in connection to themes of socioeconomic development (health, energy access, education, among others).

Summary of Green Growth Africa the EcoHeroes Initiative

  • Host Organization: The Green Growth Africa Sustainability Network.
  • Country: Nigeria
  • Eligible Gender: Men and Women
  • Application Deadline: January 27, 2023
  • Focus: The EcoHeroes Initiative 2022/2023 will be focused on Sustainable Development and anchored on three thematic pillars, namely; Sustainable Energy; Sustainable Aviation; and Climate Change.
  • Target: African Students

About Green Growth Africa

Formerly the International Support Network for African Development,  Green Growth Africa is a UNEP-accredited non-governmental organization. It is committed to raising global and multi-stakeholder support for greener and climate-resilient Africa through various programmes and initiatives.

Green Growth Africa is headquartered in Ibadan, Nigeria, the organization operates a multidisciplinary network of about 1,500 professionals, researchers, students, and youth from 140 countries across the globe who are committed to green growth in Africa.

It also has team members in 10 countries across five continents of the world.

Benefits of Green Growth Africa the EcoHeroes Initiative 2022/2023

Successfully selected team for the EcoHeroes Initiatives will each receive the following benefits:

  • A Mentorship support from international and local experts who will serve as technical advisors to refine and help with the implementation of the project through quality mentorship and advisory.
  • Development if Capacity through critical thinking, hands-on project implementation, online webinar presentation and training
  • Win up to USD 500 funding for the implementation of project idea for all selected teams.
  • Certificate of participation
  • A unique opportunity to share their projects with other secondary school students across the globe
  • Successful teams will also Leverage on the global visibility and publicity of #GreenGrowthAfrica, NAAEE, and Pratt & Whitney
  • Upon completing the projects, more financial prize awards will be issued to the top three EcoHeroes Clubs with the most innovative and impactful projects. This cash price is intended to support the operation of their club after the completion of their projects.

How to Apply for the Green Growth Africa the EcoHeroes Initiative 2022/2023?

Eligibility Criteria for Green Growth Africa The EcoHeroes Initiative Qualification

  • To be eligible, each secondary school will be represented by a team comprising of at least five (5) students and a coordinating teacher
  • Teams are Expected to identify Sustainable Energy; Sustainable Aviation; and Climate Change challenges in their local (or global) communities,
  • Considerations will be given to Only innovative and inspiring project ideas on sustainable energy, sustainable aviation and climate change.
  • All the Project ideas should express and give room for creativity, critical thinking, collaboration, communication, and other green skills.

Document Required for Application

Letter of support from the school’s management expressing its support for school’s team participation in the programme.

Application Deadline

January 27, 2023



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