Credicare Reviews – Pros, Cons, Is Credicare Worth Trying?

The blog post contains Credicare Reviews, it is a relatively new telehealth and prescription service aiming to provide more affordable healthcare access. With Credicare, you can consult with doctors online 24/7 and get prescriptions mailed right to your doorstep.

Credicare Reviews
Credicare Reviews

Credicare’s target audience is people without health insurance or those with high deductible insurance plans. For these demographics, Credicare can provide care at more budget-friendly prices compared to urgent care clinics or ER visits.

Credicare is essentially providing direct-to-consumer healthcare services and bypassing traditional insurance requirements.

Credicare’s Services and Offerings

Credicare offers two main services – telehealth doctor consultations and prescription fulfilment.

Telehealth Consultations

You can request a doctor’s visit online 24/7. Consultations take place via phone call or video chat. The doctors can diagnose conditions, recommend treatment, and write any necessary prescriptions.

Common conditions treated via Credicare’s telehealth services include:

  • Cold and flu
  • Allergies
  • Pink eye
  • Urinary tract infections
  • Respiratory infections
  • And more

Prescription Services

If you receive a prescription during your Credicare consultation, you can get it filled directly through Credicare’s pharmacy partnerships. The medications are then shipped to your home.

Credicare can send all types of prescriptions by mail, except controlled substances. You can also transfer existing prescriptions to Credicare’s pharmacy.

Other Offerings

In addition to doctor visits and prescriptions, Credicare offers some additional medical services:

  • Online mental health counselling
  • Blood testing
  • Dermatology treatment plans
  • Management for some chronic conditions

However, they do not provide full-service specialty care or procedures. Credicare is designed for common acute conditions and everyday healthcare needs.

The Pros of Using Medicare

Credicare comes with several advantages, especially for the uninsured or underinsured.

More Affordable Than Traditional Healthcare

For those paying cash prices, Credicare is almost always cheaper than going to urgent care or the ER. A Credicare doctor visit ranges from $59-$99. Prescriptions are $5-$15 for a 30-day supply.

Access to Doctors Without Insurance

The ability to see a doctor without having active health insurance is a major advantage. The uninsured can still receive care.

Convenient Telehealth Visits

The 24/7 access and telehealth format makes receiving care much more convenient. No need to take off work or sit in a waiting room.

Can Use With High Deductible Insurance Plans

If you have insurance with a high deductible that hasn’t been met yet, Credicare consultations can be more affordable than an in-network doctor visit. The telehealth format makes it easy to access non-urgent care while staying in your insurance plan’s network.

Prescriptions Shipped Right to You

No need to drive to the pharmacy or wait in line. Credicare makes obtaining medications incredibly simple.

The Potential Drawbacks of Credicare

While Credicare has many perks, there are some disadvantages to note as well.

Not a Replacement for Comprehensive Health Insurance

Credicare should not be thought of as a substitute for comprehensive health insurance. It does not cover full health costs in the case of a major injury, hospitalization, or serious illness.

May Still Have Some Out of Pocket Costs

Though cheaper than other options, Credicare visits and medications aren’t free. Those with very low incomes may still find the costs prohibitive.

Less of an Established Doctor-Patient Relationship

Seeing different random doctors during telehealth visits does not allow for building long-term relationships and continuity of care.

More Limited Than In-Person Primary Care

Telehealth doctors cannot perform hands-on exams or diagnostic tests during appointments. The care may be more limited compared to seeing your family doctor in person.

What Do Customers Have to Say in Credicare Reviews?

Credicare is relatively new, but some reviews and customer feedback are starting to come in. Here is an overview of common pros and cons mentioned in Credicare reviews.

Pros Commonly Mentioned

  • Lower cost and fees
  • Not having to use insurance
  • Easy and fast online doctor visits
  • Quickly receiving medications

Cons Commonly Mentioned

  • Insurance claims not going through properly
  • Issues with prescription processing and delivery
  • Lack of integrated medical records and history

The Best Things People Mention in Credicare Reviews

Here are some quotes highlighting the biggest positives customers mention about Credicare:

“So easy to use Credicare! I was able to have a doctor’s visit on my lunch break using my phone. Got the antibiotics I needed for strep throat quickly too.”

“I lost my health insurance after switching jobs. Credicare let me still see a doctor and get my diabetes medication affordably. So grateful for the service.”

“I have a $7000 deductible with my health plan. Been using Credicare for minor things so I don’t rack up in-network costs. The telehealth visits are super convenient.”

Common Complaints in Critical Credicare Reviews

There are some common themes in less positive Credicare reviews as well:

“I tried using Credicare with my high deductible plan but they wouldn’t process my insurance info correctly. Ended up having to pay the full cash price.”

“Getting my initial prescriptions through Credicare pharmacy took forever. Better to use them for refills, not new meds.”

“Seeing a random doctor each time makes me uncomfortable. Hard to manage complex conditions without my regular physician accessing all my records.”

Who is Credicare Best Suited For?

Given the pros and cons, Credicare’s telehealth services are likely best suited for:

  • Those without any health insurance
  • People with high deductibles or catastrophic health plans
  • Minor acute conditions – not chronic disease management
  • As a supplement to comprehensive insurance, not a replacement

For uninsured individuals, Credicare provides an affordable way to access basic care.

Those with high deductibles can use Credicare selectively for non-urgent issues while staying in the network. This avoids paying high out-of-pocket costs early in the insurance year before reaching the deductible.

Credicare Costs and Membership Plans

Credicare offers a few different membership options depending on your healthcare needs and frequency of use.

Monthly Membership Fees

  • Basic – $9 per month
  • Family – $19 per month
  • Plus – $29 per month

The Plus plan includes prescription discounts and free shipping.

Visit and Prescription Costs

  • Visit fee – $59 to $99 per telehealth consultation
  • Prescriptions – $5 to $15 copay for 30 day supply

For exact pricing, you need to request a custom quote based on your location, family size, prescriptions, and other factors. Membership is not required for one-off use.

Is CrediCare Legit?

When considering a new health service like Credicare, it’s reasonable to question if it is a legitimate and trustworthy company. There are a few factors that point to CrediCare being a legit service:

  • Licensed Medical Providers –

The doctors who provide telehealth services are fully licensed physicians, nurses, and mental health providers. They go through a credentialing process to be part of CrediCare’s medical team.

  • Prescription Process Oversight

CrediCare uses licensed pharmacies and pharmacy benefit managers to facilitate prescription fulfilment. This ensures proper oversight and legitimacy in the medication ordering process.

  • Company Transparency

CrediCare is upfront about its services, costs, disclaimers, limitations, and policies on its website. A shady company would be more evasive.

  • Addressing Complaints

While no company is perfect, CrediCare responds to user complaints and issues according to online reviews. They aim to resolve concerns in good faith.

  • BBB Accredited

CrediCare has an A+ rating and accreditation from the Better Business Bureau after being in business for several years now.

So while users should do their due diligence with any new health company, CrediCare does seem to be a legitimate telehealth and prescription provider based on these criteria. As with any service, read the fine print and evaluate if it fits your needs. But CrediCare checks the boxes of a valid digital healthcare company.

Is Credicare Worth Trying?

For the uninsured or underinsured, Credicare can be an affordable and convenient way to access basic healthcare. The ability to speak to doctors 24/7 online and get medications delivered is invaluable.

However, Credicare is not a full healthcare replacement. It should not be relied on as your sole source of medical care, especially if you have complex conditions or frequent needs.

For minor acute issues, Credicare provides an excellent option, even for those with insurance to avoid unnecessary costs. Just know its limits and supplemental nature.


Credicare is worth trying if you are uninsured or have inadequate insurance coverage for your healthcare needs.

Take advantage of the accessibility and reasonable cash pricing Credicare provides. Just don’t expect a complete alternative to comprehensive health insurance.



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