Debthunch Review: Is Debthunch Legit?

Are you drowning in high-interest credit card debt, school bills, and many other debts? Do you know that Debt settlement programs, such as Debthunch, provide a lifeline to consumers struggling with unmanageable amounts owed? Get down to know more about what users are saying about Debthunch Review.

Debthunch Review
Debthunch Review

But does Debthunch truly deliver as promised? In this unbiased review, we’ll examine the pros, cons, features, and what real customers have to say about the debt relief provider.

How Does Debthunch Work?

Debthunch is a debt settlement company, which means they negotiate with your creditors to settle accounts for less than the full amount you owe. Their model works like this:

  • You must have at least $7,500 in debt to enrol. Credit cards, medical bills, personal loans, etc qualify.
  • If Debthunch can settle your debts successfully, they charge a fee of 15-25% of your total enrolled debt.
  • You set up a dedicated settlement account and make monthly contributions until enough is saved to make settlement offers.
  • Debthunch negotiates lump sum settlements with each creditor – typically 40-60% of what you owe.
  • Once a settlement is reached, they disburse the funds from your account to the creditor for payoff.

This allows you to resolve debt without declaring bankruptcy.

Debthunch Pros

The Debthunch has some benefits that make their debt settlement services helpful for some consumers:

  • Debt relief without bankruptcy – This avoids the severe credit damage of bankruptcy.
  • Lower balances – Settling debt means paying a fraction of what you owe.
  • Stop harassment – Creditors stop calls and letters after accounts are settled.
  • Raise credit score – Over time, your score can improve as settled accounts fall off your credit report.
  • Customer service – Many reviews praise Debthunch’s attentive customer support.
  • BBB accredited – They uphold ethical practices per the Better Business Bureau.

Debthunch Cons

However, there are some potential drawbacks to consider:

  • High fees – Their 15-25% fees are substantially higher than other debt-relief options.
  • Tax implications – You may owe taxes on the settled debt amounts that are forgiven.
  • Upfront fees – They charge setup fees before any settlements happen.
  • Credit damage – Your credit score will drop initially when accounts become delinquent.
  • Availability – Debt settlement is not allowed in some states like Connecticut.

What Users Are Saying in Debthunch Reviews

In analyzing over 100 Debthunch customer reviews on Trustpilot, the BBB, and other sources, here are the trends:

  • The majority are positive – 4 or 5-star ratings praising their results.
  • Satisfied customers mention lowered monthly payments and ending creditor calls.
  • Negative reviews cite communication issues, hidden fees, and settlements taking longer than expected.
  • Many reviewers say Debthunch delivered as promised, but note the process can be slow and frustrating.

Who Is Debthunch Best For?

Given the pros and cons, Debthunch seems best suited for:

  • Those with at least $7,500+ in debt to meet the minimum requirement.
  • People with fair to good credit – scores under 580 may not qualify.
  • Individuals whose debt has become completely unmanageable.
  • People who want to avoid bankruptcy at all costs.
  • Those willing and able to pay the steep Debthunch fees.

Is Debthunch Legit?

When considering any debt relief company, it’s important to determine if they are a legitimate and ethical business.

Here are some signs that indicate Debthunch is one of the more reputable options:

BBB Accredited

Debthunch has an A+ rating from the Better Business Bureau, which requires high standards for accreditation.

No consumer complaints

The BBB lists zero outstanding complaints against Debthunch from customers. This suggests most issues get resolved.

Positive reviews

While all reviews vary, Debthunch earns mostly positive feedback from a majority of customers.

No advance fees

They do not collect any fees until after settlements occur. This follows Federal Trade Commission rules.


Founded in 2015, Debthunch has settled millions in consumer debt, highlighting capable service.


They adhere to all state and federal regulations governing debt relief companies.

Based on these credibility factors, Debthunch appears to be one of the more legitimate options for those considering debt settlement services. But as with any company, each individual’s experience can vary.


Debthunch can provide debt settlement relief, but it comes at a high cost and some risks. For people with few alternatives, their services may still be preferable to bankruptcy. However, others may find more affordable low-cost debt relief through non-profit credit counselling agencies.

This unbiased Debthunch review aims to provide full transparency so you can determine if their debt settlement approach is right for your unique financial situation. Reach out for a free consultation to learn more.



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