Classic Mystery Board Game Clue Is the Latest Entry to Apple Arcade

Classic mystery board game Clue is the latest entry to Apple Arcade. With this game now finding its way to apple arcade, you get to bring your A-game detective skills to the table.

Classic Mystery Board Game Clue Is the Latest Entry to Apple Arcade

Classic Mystery Board Game Clue Is the Latest Entry to Apple Arcade

Get your magnifying glasses and a host of other gear ready because Clue: Hasbro’s Mystery Game Plus, which is based on the classic board game, just arrived at Apple Arcade on Friday. And if you are subscribed to Apple Arcade ($5, £5, or AU$8 a month), you can play this game for free, with no ads or any form of in-app purchases.

Marmalade Game Studios is the gaming company responsible for bringing the board game to your screen, and this is not the first time the studio has brought a board game to digital devices, too. The studio prior to this one has digitized other classic games, such as Monopoly and Battleship, too.

Clue: Hasbro’s Mystery Game Plus Gameplay

If you have had the opportunity to play the board game before, then you already know the rules applied to the Apple Arcade version of Clue. If on the other hand, you haven’t played the game before, the goal of the game is simple. You have to be the first person to solve the murder mystery represented by the three cards available in the secret envelope. These three cards as you should know show who committed a murder, with what weapon as well as the location on the board.

Each player in the game gets four cards that show a person, weapon, or place, and because these cards are not in the secret envelope they cannot be part of the solution, you get. Players in the game take turns moving around the board and in the process making guesses about the crime.

And if anyone guesses, “It was Colonel Mustard with the rope in the library,” and you have the library card with you, you have to show the guesser to disprove their guess. And when someone has just about enough evidence, they can make a final accusation about the mystery. But you should be careful, as your final accusation is your last act in the game, whether it is that you are right or wrong.

Clue: Hasbro’s Mystery Game Plus Multiplayer And Single Player Modes

You can play this game online against friends or other gamers or you can simply play against the computer in single-player mode. There are also some fun new characters available in this version of Clue, and this is including Sherlock Holmes and Dr. John Watson, and many more locations. The original game board as you should know was a mansion and this very version contains other maps, inclusive of boards that resemble Egypt as well as a train so you can be the hero in your very own Agatha Christie story.

How to Get the Game

If in the event you are interested in this game or others, you can get a free month of Apple Arcade for signing up the very first time, or you can simply get a three-month free trial when you acquire a new Apple device. Apple Arcade adds new games and updates every week to the platform. And in order to access Apple Arcade, simply open the App Store and then tap on the joystick icon situated along the bottom of your screen. It is that simple.



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