Christmas Messages to Write on a Card

The Christmas season is here again. This is a time to show love to family and loved ones. There are a lot of ways you can carry out this act, but you can also write Christmas messages for them on a card and send them to them.

Christmas Messages to Write on a Card
Christmas Messages to Write on a Card

You can also send these cards alongside gifts. Your friends and loved ones will cherish it.

Christmas Messages to Write on a Card

Do you want to give out Christmas cards to those you love, but do not know what to write in that card? Well, if you are uncertain of what to write, you can scroll down and check out these messages written below. We have drafted the best messages that you can write on a card, do well to check out the messages below.

Nice Christmas Messages to Write on a Card

Here are some nice Christmas messages that you can write on a card during the Christmas season.

  • Merry Christmas. Peace and joy to you this Christmas season.
  • May this Christmas season bring happiness and joy to you and your family.
  • I wish you and your family a season filled with light and laughter.
  • I wish that all that is beautiful, meaningful, and all that brings joy be yours this holiday season and throughout the next year.
  • Merry Christmas to you. I wish you all the happiness the holiday can hold.

Short Christmas Messages to Write on A Card

You do not need many words to express yourself, so here are some short Christmas messages you can write in a card.

  • I wish you and yours a merry Christmas and a prosperous new year.
  • May this Christmas season fill your home with love and laughter.
  • I wish that this Christmas season be full of light and laughter.
  • Merry Christmas to you with lots of love.
  • I wish you love, peace, and joy this Christmas and always.
  • I hope you have your best Christmas ever. Merry Christmas.
  • I wish you the best Christmas ever.
  • I hope this holiday season is full of good things.

Funny Christmas Messages to Write on a Card

Friends and families do make the holiday season a funny one, it doesn’t have to be all that serious. Hence the reason why we have crafted out some funny messages to write on a card.

  • Christmas is canceled this year because Santa is dead. You told Santa you have been very good this year and he died laughing.
  • I put so much thought into your gift, and now it is too late to get it. Merry Christmas.
  • I informed Santa you were good this year and gave him the link to your Pinterest board. Merry Christmas to you.
  • I wish you lots of love this Christmas and lots of Christmas cookies this holiday season.
  • Merry Christmas! May your happiness and joy be large and your bills be small.
  • This Christmas season, let us make it a point to cherish what is important in our lives: cookies.
  • I wish you a merry Christmas that is filled with good times and better wine.

Romantic Christmas Messages to Write on a Card

If you are not sure what romantic messages to send to your lover, you can check the one written below.

  • All I want this Christmas is you!
  • I am very lucky to receive the best Christmas present year after year. which is you.
  • Every day feels like Christmas because you constantly light up my world.
  • Spending Christmas with you makes it special. Merry Christmas.
  • Merry Christmas from the person who truly loves you.

If you are short on what to write to your friends and families this Christmas, you should check out these messages above.



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