Buy Amazon Gift Card – Free Amazon Gift Cards | How to Buy Amazon Gift Card

Buying Amazon gift card shouldn‘t be a big deal if you are already an ‘amazon worm‘. The platform is as easy to use as possible. This article will not just give you a generalm overview of how to buy an amazon gift card, it will also give you other useful information about the platform.

Buy Amazon Gift Card

Buy Amazon Gift Card

For the sake of the people hearing about this platform for the first time ( i doubt if such people exist) i am going to give a well understandable introduction to the platform called Amazon.


I am sure you must have heard about online shopping brands like Ali Express, Walmart, eBay, Boohoo and forever 21. Well, you are not far from the truth if you have those brands in mind when you think of Amazon.

Now, a formal definition. Amazon is an online retailer which gained market capitalization in 2018 in excess of $268 billion. Amazon also allows individuals and businesses  to sell and display products for sale online. Simply put, Amazon is more like a big online shopping mall, which also gives a platform for businesses and individuals to sell their own products.

The amazon brand has grown to be a very popular online market place which is used by both individuals and businesses. The site is also available for use in so many languages and countries.

Amazon Prime

Like i promised at the beginning of this article, i am going to break down some of the technical jargons used in this area of expertise. Amongst these jargons is the famous ‘amazon prime‘.

Amazon prime is more like the premium version of Amazon. This is a paid subscription service from amazon which is available in various countries. It gives users an added advantage in using amazon, giving them access to additional services which will be unavailable to other amazon users.

Customer Service Amazon | Amazon Customer Service

do you have any concerns, or are you facing issues in the amazon platform and you feel that it should be addressed by an insider? If this is your situation, then feel free to contact the amazon customer service. You can get their contact at

Amazon Gift Cards         

Now, moving to the main subject matter. What are amazon gift cards? Simply put, Amazon gift cards are gift cards offered by the amazon platform. You can use these gift cards to add funds to your Amazon account and make purchases at without the stress of adding your personal debit or credit card.

Amazon Gift Cards Balance | How to Check Your Amazon Gift Card Balance

Remember, you can use your amazon gift card to add money to your Amazon account and make purchases, when you want to purchase a product from Amazon, you will be askes if you wish to use your gift card credit. If you have any credit left, it will show you how much you have left after the transaction. Also, you can go to your Amazon account and check your gift card credit, you can also top it up from there.

Amazon Gift Cards Free | Free Amazon Gift Cards     

Just as amazon gift cards can be bought, you can also get them for free for certain conditions with some websites. Now, some of them will require the performance of certain tasks. Right here, i am going to talk about one of them which is Microsoft Rewards. Here‘s how to earn a free gift card from Microsoft rewards;

  • Go to the Microsoft Rewards Page and create an account for free or login to your account if you already have an account.
  • Go to your dashboard and start earning points by completing some tasks
  • When you are done with the tasks., you can redeem your amazon credit card for free

Note that the microsoft rewards is only available in U.S, Great Britain, France, Denmark, NetherLands, Canada or Australia, Ireland and New Zealand.

How to Buy Amazon Gift Card | How to Buy Amazon Gift Cards

You can purchase amazon gift cards from the amazon main website. Here‘s how

  • Visit amazon and sign in to your account, or you can register a new account if you do not already have an account.
  • Click the gift card button to access the amazon gift card store
  • Select the format of the gift card you want to purchase, electronic, printable, or mailable
  • Select the delivery method to proceed.
  • Select the type of Gift card you want to purchase, you can even customise the gift card
  • Enter your gift card value and fill in the required information and click on enter
  • Now select your payment information, fill payment details and click on enter.

After doing this, you have successfully bought your amazon gift card.

Amazon Gift Cards Where To Buy | Where Can I Buy Amazon Gift Card?

Finally, If you have asked the question ‘Can I Buy Amazon Gift Cards?‘, of course, that would have already been answered from the previous paragraph. The question here is Where To Buy Amazon Gift Cards. The most advisable place to buy Amazon Gift Cards is directly from the Amazon website itself.


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