How to Love Unconditionally – 5 Ways to Practice Unconditional Love

This is a very important topic to talk about because love is a subject that so many talk about but do not actually win. If you want to know how to love unconditionally, then you should know what the concept of love really means.

How to Love Unconditionally

How to Love Unconditionally

Now picture the situation, a couple met five years ago, fell in love, got married, got kids but they are no longer together now. You see, when an interview was conducted during the divorce, they both testified that their love died a long time ago.

This is not how it is meant to be, love isn‘t supposed to be short-lasting, marriage should not be short-lasting. Our fathers never loved this way, they were able to last that long because they loved unconditionally.


Before we go on, I‘d like to give a brief and understandable explanation on what love is, or should be; while so man people will see love as a deep feeling of affection for someone based on kinship, or sexual desire, or attraction. To me, love is all that but isn’t limited to any and all of them. Love is a combination of connection, affection, and attraction.

The subject to be loved should not have earned it by any attribute that is common to the natural man. This is because these attributes are not usually long-lasting. In a matter of a few years, those attributes may be history, but your love should remain undaunted, no matter what.

Now that we understand the major definition of love, let us look at the possibility if loving unconditionally.

Can You Really Love Someone Unconditionally?

Now, loving unconditionally isn‘t a very easy task to do. It entails a lot. Loving unconditionally means loving despite a change of situation, a change of character, positioning, or location. So many people do not love unconditionally, this is because their love was based on a certain condition. So many are loved because of money, some because of looks, or some certain situations.

This love had to die as soon as its purpose was removed or changed.

Now, to answer the main question, you can love unconditionally if you decide to love the person despite the change of character, or situation. You can love unconditionally if you can believe things will get better.

How to Love Unconditionally When You’re Angry

If you want to love unconditionally, you should be ready to tame your anger any time of the day. Whenever your partner begins to test your character with his/her negative attributes, taming your anger will always be the best way to love your partner unconditionally.

5 Ways to Practice Unconditional Love

Practicing unconditional love may be very hard to give if you have not received it before. To get started with it, you have to follow the tips below ;

Keep Acting the Same Way

The fact is that love is not just about how you feel, it is more about how you act. Therefore, let your attitude remain the same to the person, just the way you were acting when the sweet part of the marriage was still on. Let your love be shown to the person by your attitude when the situation changes from sweet to sour.

Show Unconditional Love to Yourself

Love should be transcended from yourself outwards. If you do not love yourself unconditionally, you cannot give that type of love to someone else. Give yourself unconditional love. Self-love is the key to unconditional love. The passage of the Bible that says ‘love your neighbor as yourself is very true, self-love equals outward given love.

Understand that Love isn‘t Always Comfortable

before you can give out love unconditionally, you will have to understand the fact that love isn‘t always comfortable. You will get the change because change is bound to happen. You will get clashes and hassles, his/her character will change, money may reduce or disappear. Just make up your mind to keep loving your partner despite any situation. It’s a personal decision.

Learn to Forgive

Some people, relationships, or marriages lose their love taste because of marital issues like unfaithfulness and fights. If you want the love in your marriage to be unconditional, then you should practice forgiveness. Let it begin with you, so that forgiveness will continue to reign in your marriage.

Control your Anger

Controlling your anger is a very key ingredient to unconditional love. This attribute flows with forgiveness. This will ensure the peace and order of the home. Try not to give the natural reaction your mind gives to you in toxic situations. Sometimes, you may have to take a deep breath and avoid trouble rather than exploding in anger, that will help.

Finally, another key thing that will keep the loving atmosphere in your marriage flowing well is appreciation. Always learn to appreciate your partner, no matter the situation, no matter what he/she has. That will go a long way in boosting the longevity of your marriage.


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