BMGA Fellows Program 2024 For Women University Graduates in Africa and Asia | Apply Now!

Are you a young woman from Africa or Asia eager to make a difference in your community while advancing your career? If so, the BMGA Fellows Program 2024 is your perfect fit.

BMGA Fellows Program

This program is designed to empower and equip young female university graduates and final-year students with the skills and resources they need to thrive in the 21st century. If you’re committed to personal and professional growth, don’t hesitate to apply.

Overview of the BMGA Fellows Program

The BMGA Fellows Program seeks to bridge the gender skills gap prevalent among university graduates both in Africa and Asia. The program empowers participants to become globally competitive professionals by providing access to mentorship, executive coaching, and cutting-edge learning materials.

A remarkable highlight of the BMGA Fellows Program is its virtual experiential learning approach. Through live classes, TED talks, case studies, and interactive discussions, participants gain invaluable insights into the skills needed for the future of work. Additionally, the program promotes peer-to-peer mentoring, allowing participants to learn from each other and build a global support network.

Benefits of Joining the BMGA Fellows Program

Participating in the BMGA Fellows Program offers huge benefits for young women eager to excel in their careers. These benefits include:

  • Skill Development: From critical thinking to effective communication, participants will develop essential skills highly sought after by employers in today’s competitive job market.
  • Professional Network: Through peer-to-peer mentoring and interactions with industry experts, participants get to expand their professional network and gain access to new opportunities.
  • Global Perspective: Engaging with peers from diverse backgrounds exposes participants to different perspectives and cultures, fostering a global mindset crucial for success in an interconnected world.

Requirements for Applicants

To be eligible for the BMGA Fellows Program, applicants must meet the requirements below:

  • Nationality: Applicants must be young women from Africa or Asia.
  • Academic Background: Final-year students and early-career professionals with not more than three years of post-undergraduate work experience are welcome to apply. A strong academic record is preferred, with applicants graduating top of their class or maintaining a current or cumulative CGPA equivalent to a B+ in the UK grade point system.
  • English Proficiency: Proficiency in English, including speaking, writing, and reading, is essential for effective participation in the program.
  • Internet Access: Applicants must have regular access to the Internet to facilitate participation in virtual learning activities.

How to Apply for the BMGA Fellows Program 2024

Applying for the BMGA Fellows Program involves the steps below:

  • Visit the BMGA Enterprise Limited (BMGA) website at to access the online application portal.
  • Complete the application form, providing accurate and detailed information about your academic background, professional experience, and motivation for joining the program.
  • Submit your application before the deadline on March 17, 2024.
  • After submitting your application, expect to hear back from the selection committee within a few weeks regarding the status of your application.

For more information, visit BMGA Foundation at

Selection Process

The selection process for the BMGA Fellows Program is competitive:

  • Applicants undergo a thorough assessment conducted by a combination of internal and external reviewers.
  • Selected candidates will receive a special invitation to join the next multicultural cohort and embark on a week-long onboarding process to kick-start their program experience.

Application Deadline

March 17, 2024.

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