Best Places to Work at 15 – Is 15 a Good Age to Start Working?

Looking for the best places to work at 15? Then you are in the right place. A lot of teenagers are looking for a way to make money for so many reasons. However, whatever the reason might be, there are opportunities for them to make money.

best places to work at 15
best places to work at 15

At age 15, you can be hired in lots of places for service jobs. You will be paid minimum wage. Sounds interesting right? This article will provide you with some of the places where you could work at 15.

Best Places to Work at 15

The list of places that you can work at 15 is inexhaustible. However, you will find the best ones here. If you are age 15 and are looking for a place to work during the holidays. Or perhaps, after the closing hours of school, check out some of the best places where you can work


McDonald’s is one popular place that hires teenagers. This means that at 15, you could get a job there. The company is one of the largest food companies in the USA. It is famous for its hamburgers, cheeseburger, and French fries. With thousands of locations in the US, you could even get locate one of their branches close to you to work.

Dairy Queen

This is another restaurant that you can consider working in. They also give jobs to people of age 15. Although in this food chain, jobs vary based on your location. However, you should expect to work there as a waiter, cleaner, or cashier.

AMC Theatres

Do you love cinemas? Do you love the joy that glows on the faces of people after each movie? Working in a cinema could be the perfect option for you. Even at 15, you can get employed AMC Theatres. You could work there as a cashier, usher, or concessionist.

However, you need to confirm with one of their local offices close to you. This is because the state law in your residence may prohibit you from working there at 15. Hence, you need to be sure if you will be hired.


If you love supermarkets, you can consider working at Publix. You could work there as a clerk, cashier, service desk clerk, and bagger. With over 1300 locations in the southeastern US, you could find a job in Publix at 15.


Kroger is an American retail company that operates departmental stores and supermarkets. This company operates stores in almost all locations in the US. You can get a job in one of their stores close to you as a bagger or stocker. However, this depends on the state law of where you reside.

Giant Eagle

Giant Eagle is a supermarket chain in the US. With over 200 stores in the United States, you could easily find one of their stores to work in. You could work in Giant Eagle as a bakery clerk or as a shopping attendant.

However, jobs there vary based on location and season. You can also contact one of their local stores to find job offers available.

Baskin Robbins

Are you in need of a holiday job? Then you can consider working in this place. Baskin Robbins is a large chain of ice cream and cake stores in the United States. The company is well known for its premium ice cream, beverages, and frozen desserts.

Baskin Robbins has several thousand stores in the US and other countries. Hence, you could find one of their stores close to your home to work with convenience. You could work in this company as a host or at the cash register.

Six Flags

Six Flags is a large amusement park with several locations in the US, Mexico, and Canada. With the lively environment, rides, games, and fun events, you could enjoy your working experience in this company. you could work here as a game attendant, food service, or host/hostess.

Although the job offers vary by location, you can contact a local Six Flags close to you for more information.

Boston Market

Boston Market is an American casual restaurant. They serve rotisserie chicken and some other side dishes. This restaurant also hires people of age 15. You could be hired to work there as a dishwasher or a server.


Safeway is a supermarket chain in the US. they sell grocery items., food, general merchandise, bakery, floral, pharmacy, and lots more. They also hire 15-year-olds for jobs like grocery bagger and cart runner. However, you should contact your local Safeway for jobs available to you.

Benefits of Working at 15

Deciding to work at 15 could be a result of numerous reasons. The most common one is due to financial expenses from schooling. However, whatever the reason might be, you should know that working at age 15 will benefit you

  • It will give you a sense of responsibility and self.
  • You’ll have that kind of maturity in handling finances that most of your peers do not.
  • Also, it helps you develop a positive attitude towards teamwork.
  • Working at 15 allows you to gain some skills like time management and customer service.
  • When you work at 15, you get the chance to save money.
  • Most importantly, working at 15, gives you experience so you’ll get prepared for full-time employment.


Is 15 a Good Age to Start Working?

Getting a job at 15 could be one of the best decisions that you can ever take. When you start working at 15, you are opening yourself up to more opportunities. From that age, you can start building yourself up for the future. It gives you the responsibility of saving and managing money from a young age.

Is a 15-Year-Old Qualified to Get a Job?

Yes. At 15, you can get a job. the general rule of FLSA sets 14 years as the minimum age to get a job as a teenager. However, there are limits to the number of hours that a 15-year-old can work.

What Sort of Job Can a 15-year-old Do?

If you are 15, there are some jobs that some companies can employ you to do. It is illegal for you to be hired to work on jobs considered hazardous or strenuous. This includes mining, warehousing, and logging jobs. Also, you won’t be allowed to work with explosives or power saws. However, you can do jobs like

  • Babysitting
  • House Sitting
  • Pet sitting
  • Landscaping
  • Amusement parks usher
  • Restaurant host/hostess
  • House painting
  • Grocery bagger

How Much Can 15-Year-Olds Earn?

The standard minimum wage set by FLSA for those under 20 is $4.25 per hour during their 90 consecutive days of employment. However, this may vary depending on the state of your residence. Some states set their minimum wage differently from FLSA. Hence, you could receive higher pay.

How Many Hours Can a 15-Year-Old Work?

Although you could be hired at 15 to work in some companies, there is a limit to the number of hours you can work by FLSA. The FLSA sets minimum working hours for minors below the age of 16. This law state that

  • You are only allowed to work for three hours on a school day and eight hours on a non-school day.
  • You are not allowed to work for more than forty hours per week when school is not in session.
  • You can only work for up to 18 hours in a school week.
  • You can only work between 7 am to 7 pm. Except for Labor Day when work hours extend till 9 pm.



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