10 Best Mechanical Trade Schools

10 best mechanical trade schools- If you aspire to become a mechanic, then you need to attend a mechanical trade school. The importance of getting educative hands-on training from a trade school cannot be compromised.

10 Best Mechanical Trade Schools
10 Best Mechanical Trade Schools

Mechanical trade schools are vocational schools that train individuals to become automotive mechanics with certificates. When you attend a mechanical trade school, you can get a certificate in the area of your passion and begin to work within a short time. In this article, you will find the 10 best mechanical trade schools to attend. So read on.

10 Best Mechanical Trade Schools

Although there are numerous mechanical trade schools, getting into the best one could save you a lot. The best mechanical trade school are accredited, affordable, and offer a variety of mechanic programs to students.

Below is a list of the 10 best mechanical trade schools to get an automotive mechanic degree

Universal Western College (UTI)

For more than 55 years, University Training college has been training students with the skills that they need to become mechanical technicians. It is a private institution for mechanical technicians in Arizona. It has about 13 campuses in the US.

UTI offers programs for automotive certification. The school also offers students training programs like motorcycle mechanics, marine mechanics, welding programs, CNC technicians, and some others.

Luna Community College

Luna Community College is also a school that offers automotive mechanic tech programs. It has campuses mainly in New York and some other locations in the US. this school offers mechanical trade programs such as automotive collision repair technology and automotive technology.

Lincoln Tech

Lincoln tech has been a provider of technical skills training since 1946. This institution has about 23 locations in 14 states in the US. Lincoln tech partners with leading manufacturers like BMW, Volkswagen, Mazda, and more to train its students on automobile brands.

It is also one of the best schools to get a mechanic certificate. The automotive technician training certificate programs available in this school are

  • Automotive technology
  • Collision Repair and Refinishing
  • Heavy equipment
  • Diesel technology

Texas State Technical College

This institution is one of the technical schools in the US providing a variety of mechanics programs. It started in 1969 in Waco, Texan. It has about 10 campuses in Texas. The school offers program mechanic programs which include automotive technology, diesel equipment technology, and auto collision & management technology.

Arizona Automotive Institute (AAI)

Arizona Automotive Institute is also a trade school where you can take a mechanic program. The school offers flexible class scheduling, career-focused training, and industry-experienced instructors to aid its students to build skills for mechanical careers.

AAI school offers programs such as automotive service technician, diesel & heavy truck technician, combination welding, HVAC & Basic technician, and some others to mechanics. Depending on your degree choice, you could be able to start your career in less than 2 years of training from this institution

IntellicTec College

This trade school is also one of the best in the US for auto mechanics. It is accredited for career training by the Accrediting Commission of Career Schools and Colleges. In this school, you can pursue your career as a mechanic within some months of training.

InteelicTec offers two certificate programs for auto mechanics. They are the Automotive Technicians and the Refrigeration & HVAC Technician programs. These programs give students both the practical and theoretical knowledge that they need to become mechanics.

Central New Mexico Community College

This is an institution for auto mechanics based in New Mexico. It started as a Technical Vocational Institute in the US in 1964. The institution is a large one offering both full and part-time associate degrees, professional certificates, and training programs.

This school offers two mechanical trade programs. the Automotive Technology and Diesel Equipment Technology programs. they also offer a certificate on completion of the programs.

Southern Careers Institute

Southern Careers Institute is an automotive tech school based in Texas. The main campus of this school is in Texas. However, it also has campuses in other locations including Brownsville, San Antonio, and Harlingen.

This instate offers training in fields like business, beauty, medicine, technology as well as skilled trades. Under the skilled trades, you can get a degree in mechanical programs like Automotive Service Technician, Commercial Motor Vehicle Operator, HVAC, Electrical Technician, and Welding.

South Texas Vocational Technical Institute (STVT)

STVT is one of the best mechanical trade schools in the US. This school offers programs to individuals looking for affordable and flexible education. STVT offers a variety of technical and vocational training programs. These programs are on health and wellness, business, and skilled trades.

The skilled trade programs are designed to help students develop a career. These programs include VAC and Basic Refrigeration, Automotive Service, and Combination Welding.

Superior Auto Institute

This is another trade school to get a degree in automotive mechanics. It is one of the best trade schools to get you can consider if you are interested in both the interior and exterior looks of automobiles.

Superior Auto Institute offers a degree in Paintless Dent Program (PDR). In addition to this, the school also offers training in Interior Repair and automotive detailing.


Who Is an Auto Mechanic?

An auto mechanic is a professional who possesses both the knowledge and skills to repair and maintain automobiles.  Auto mechanics can work on different automobile brands ranging from personal vehicles to heavy-duty vehicles and marine vehicles.

What are the Requirements to Get into Mechanical Trade School?

The requirements depend on the school you want to attend. However, you should have either a High School Diploma or a GED certificate. Also, most states have their requirements. This is the national certification board. Hence, before you apply for a program from a trade school, check with your state regulatory for the credentials you need.

How Long Does It Take to Become a Mechanic?

This solely depends on the trade school you are attending and the type of program you are studying. However, the general time frame to get a certificate from a mechanical trade school should fall anywhere between 6 to 18 months.

Can I Become a Mechanic Online?

Although it is possible to get a mechanic certificate online, it is not common. This is because getting a mechanic certificate requires both practical and theoretical knowledge. However, in the case of online programs, you will mostly be trained in the theoretical field. This does not meet the ASE certification requirements.

How Do I Get Mechanic Licenses?

To get a mechanic license, you need to meet the National Automotive Technicians Education Foundation (NATEF) requirements. You also need to have Automotive service excellence and ASE Master Certification.



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