Aurora Tech Award 2024 For Women Founders ( Up to $30,000 Prize) – APPLY NOW

You’re invited to submit your application to participate in the Aurora Tech Award 2024. The Award is an annual prize that is specifically designed to honor women founders in the IT startup space whose projects have left a profound impact on global development.

Aurora Tech Award 2024 For Women Founders
Aurora Tech Award 2024 For Women Founders

If you’re a woman entrepreneur whose project has improved the lives of many, this is your opportunity to shine.

Aurora Tech Award 2024

The Aurora Tech Award provides support for women in the advanced technology sector, particularly women entrepreneurs. It is a testament to the fact that innovation and progress are not gender-specific, and it aims to break down barriers, providing opportunities for women to lead, create, and innovate. As an inDrive project, the Aurora Tech Award is a global prize for women founders of Tech startups

What is inDrive?

inDrive, a mobility software, that enables travelers and drivers to negotiate fair prices in 45 different nations. They understand the difficulties faced by people because they were a startup that originated in a rural area.

Their goal is to combat injustice and provide communities and individuals around the world with equal possibilities for growth and success. They believe that everyone, regardless of background or identity, should have an equal chance to pursue business.

Financial Benefits of Aurora Tech Award 2024

The Prizes include:

  • First Prize: $30,000.
  • Second Prize: $20,000.
  • Third Prize: $10,000.

Qualifying for the Aurora Tech Award

To be eligible for this prestigious award, there are some criteria that a woman founder or co-founder must meet, They include:

  • The company must have been created within the last five years.
  • The primary product or service offered by the nominee’s business must be IT-related.
  • The nominee must hold a C-level position in the company at the time of application.
  • The qualifying IT company should be a game-changer, significantly impacting the world and society for the better. A panel of judges will evaluate the nominee’s contributions to global development.

What the Nomination Presentation Involves

When applying for the Aurora Tech Award, it’s essential to prepare a comprehensive nomination presentation, which includes:

  • The candidate’s main achievements.
  • A short biography, highlighting the challenges the candidate faced while building her startup and the professional qualities that helped her overcome these obstacles.
  • Details of the startup’s successes.
  • An in-depth description of the company, its achievements, and how it contributes to making the world a better place.
  • A comprehensive explanation of how winning the award will positively impact the applicant, her company, or a specific community.

How to Apply for Aurora Tech Award 2024?

However, if you meet the eligibility criteria and wish to apply for the Aurora Tech Award, follow these brief steps:

  • Visit Aurora Tech Award’s application webpage below to complete the form
  • Use their provided template to showcase your startup, highlighting your achievements, challenges, startup details, and your plan for the prize.
  • Carefully complete the application form carefully
  • Include your PDF presentation.
  • Before the 1st of December, you should submit it.
  • For more details and clarifications, visit the Aurora website at

Application Deadline

December 1, 2023.


Who is Eligible for The Aurora Tech Award?

Any woman founder or co-founder of an IT company created within the last five years can apply.

What Should be Included in The Nomination Presentation?

The nomination presentation should cover the candidate’s achievements, challenges faced, the startup’s successes, and the potential impact of winning the award.

When is The Application Deadline for The Aurora Tech Award?

The application deadline is December 1, 2023.

How Can I Apply for The Aurora Tech Award?

To apply, visit the Aurora Tech Award’s website at use their provided template, fill out the application form, and attach your PDF presentation.



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