Bonn International Fellowship 2024 in Germany – APPLY NOW

Bonn International Fellowship 2024 in Germany is now open for applications! Are you a researcher seeking an opportunity to go to Germany and get to work with renowned researchers? If yes, the Bonn Fellowship in Germany is your perfect opportunity for career advancement. All successfully selected applicants for this Fellowship will spend 12 days Maximum at the University of Bonn.

Bonn International Fellowship 2024 in Germany
Bonn International Fellowship 2024 in Germany

Furthermore, the Bonn International Fellowship 2024 in Germany is designed basically to attract outstanding fellows into the academic community of the prestigious Bonn University. When it comes to top research, Germany is renowned for its world-class research all thanks to its advanced research facilities.

Why Apply for Bonn International Fellowship 2024?

Furthermore, this fellowship program is a great opportunity for you and researchers around the world to conduct research in a research-friendly environment, and access trending research tools and technologies. As a fellow, you will have the opportunity to access the latest laboratories and facilities.

Bonn International Fellowship offers various benefits to successfully selected applicants, these include financial support, networking opportunities, access to the latest research tools and technologies, and coverage for travel expenditures. In addition to that, you will also have the opportunity to develop professionally and explore Germany. Therefore, do all you can to avail this opportunity.

Bonn International Fellowship – Summary

However, below are summary of the fellowship:

  • Country: Germany
  • Host University: University of Bonn
  • Duration of Program: 12 days
  • Level of fellowship: Postdoctoral Research Fellowship
  • Eligible Gender: Men and Women
  • Application Deadline: September 28, 2023.

Benefits of Bonn International Fellowship

All successfully selected fellows for this Fellowship will be provided with various benefits. These benefits Include:

  • Provision of travel stipend to fellows.
  • A daily stipend of up to €160, for 12 days. This stipend also covers the days of arrival and departure.
  • Material expenses of up to €500 per proposal, will be given to fellows
  • Have an opportunity to conduct research at one of the top universities in Germany.
  • Provision of learning platforms and opportunities to the fellows.
  • Additionally, fellows will get to communicate with co-researchers, professionals, and experts of related fields.
  • The fellowship offers a unique platform that will enable fellows to enhance their professional development via exposure to the latest methodologies.
  • An opportunity to explore Germany and its culture is also one of the benefits of Participating in this program

Applying for Bonn International Fellowships 2024

Are you interested in this fellowship program in Germany, kindly follow the application procedures below to apply:

Application Deadline:

September 28, 2023.



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