Appy Now for TRAJECTS Junior Research Stays 2022 – Developing Countries

Students from developing countries can now apply for TRAJECTS Junior Research Stays for the 2022 batch, Transnational Centre for Just Transitions in Energy, Climate and Sustainability (TRAJECTS) opens its Call for Applications for Junior Research Stays 2022.

TRAJECTS Junior Research Stays

The TRAJECTS Junior Research Stays is a DAAD-funded project that seeks to strengthen research and teaching capacities on Just Transitions in Energy, Climate, and Sustainability, especially in the Global South. The program aims to support short research stays and/or internships of 2-4 months for young researchers from, within, and to the Global South.

Successful applicants are expected to come from one TRAJECTS institution for instance the university in Colombia to intern or research at another TRAJECTS institution like an NGO such as AIDA. Having this in mind, the Centre intends to encourage extra-academic, interdisciplinary, and international exchange.

Details of TRAJECTS Junior Research Stays

  • The Application Deadline: May 6, 2022, at 23:59 Ger, 17:59 Col, and 00:59 in ZA.
  • Type of Scholarship: Short course
  • Eligible Countries: Countries in the Global South (developing countries)
  • Number of Scholarships to be Given: About 98 TRAJECTS Junior Research Stays are expected to be supported during TRAJECTS (2021-2025). The research stays/internships for young researchers or practitioners will be divided into 5 cohorts, one cohort per year. In 2022, approximately 25 JRS will be supported.

Eligibility for TRAJECTS Junior Research Stays

  • The Scholarship award is offered to Grantees affiliated with a university as postgraduate students, Ph.D. candidates, or researchers. Meanwhile, Undergraduate students are not eligible.
  • Practitioners without direct affiliation to a university would receive allowance funding. Also, it is important that the applicant’s study degree/qualifications should be appropriate for the position, although no minimum requirement is needed.
  • The sending institution of the applicant or the host institution is required to be a member of the TRAJECTS network.
  • There are certain circumstances in which applicants who are not yet part of a TRAJECTS organization will not be considered (to be considered on an individual basis).
  • All the applications and documents from applicants will only be received via the Electronic Application Form until the last day of the application period at 23:59 in Germany, 17:59 in Colombia, and 00:59 in ZA. General supporting documents sent by e-mail will not be approved.

The Benefit of TRAJECTS Junior Research Stays

  • The scholarship covers for Monthly allowance of 860, – EUR/month for stays in the Global North or 400- EUR for stays in the Global South.
  • A successful applicant would also receive a Travel costs budget of up to 400,- EUR for national travel /up to 1200 EUR for South-North intercontinental flight and up to 1500 EUR for South-South intercontinental flight). Please note that the budget for travel costs granted to each funded individual will be determined based on the travel distance.
  • Insurance contributions of up to 89.- EUR will be covered for individuals traveling to Germany for the JRS.

Things expected of a grantee

  • Compliance with guidelines and regulations by the host organization for instance work hours, confidentiality codes, etc for the internship/stay.
  • All the documentation required for formalizing the grant agreement and internship posting must be made available on time
  • He/She must take active participation in a feedback loop to TRAJECTS:
  • A grantee must Write and submit a 5-page internship report with key personal and thematic outcomes
  • He/She must design a research poster that will be published in Virtual Lab
  • The grantee is expected to Fill out an internship survey that will be distributed at the end of the internship/stay

The Application Process for TRAJECTS Junior Research Stays

  • Those who are interested and eligible to apply for TRAJECTS Junior Research Stays should submit their application via application form with general documents such as an enrolment certificate, references, writing samples, etc.
  • Please ensure to send specific documents required for the administrative host universities in a single PDF not exceeding 5MB to the respective National Contact Point
  • Also, some of the placements have additional application requirements for instance language certificates, etc. Thus it is the responsibility of each candidate to monitor and fulfill the requirements and deadlines for individual placements.
  • It is allowed for candidates to apply for more than one placement if their profile and requirements are met, however, they should indicate their preference clearly in the motivation letter and application form (list first the preferred placement).
  • This scholarship permits Speculative applications, however, applicants should get in touch with the host institution first, and submit together with their application a letter of acceptance from the host institution.

Visit the Award’s official Webpage for Details:



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