Apply Now For European Development Days (EDD 2022) Young Leaders Programme

Apply Now For European Development Days EDD Young Leaders Programme as it is now inviting students to apply. European Development Days (EDD) is a renowned program that is organized by the European Commission.

Apply Now For European Development Days EDD Young Leaders Programme

European Development Days (EDD) helps to bring about the development community together every year to have ideas and experiences shared in ways that promote new partnerships and innovative solutions to the world’s most pressing challenges.

EDD is a participatory program thus, the Young Leaders program 2022 application is open for 2022 intake. This is a rare lifetime opportunity provided by the European Development Days for young people around the world who have strong expertise and a solid commitment to positive social change to share their perspectives, influence decision-makers, and stakeholders, and improve their leadership skills.

During the selection process, successful applicants for the EDD young leaders will be invited to participate in the High-Level Panels in Brussels, following the regulation in June 2022.

About The European Development Days (EDD)

The program was established in 2006, since its inception, European Development Days have been Europe’s leading development forum. We mentioned earlier that the European Development Days is put together by the European Commission, Meanwhile, the European Commission plays an active position in the execution of power in the European Union.

This Commission is vested with the responsibility of recommending laws, implementing decisions, and enforcing treaties. Generally, the body carries out the daily activities of the European Union. The application deadline for this program is March 25, 2022. note that the focus area is “Global Gateway” which is aimed at building sustainable partnerships for a connected world.

Global Getaway is a European way of encouraging smart, clean, and secure links in digital, energy, transportation and strengthening health, education, and research systems around the world.

The Benefits of European Development Days Young Leaders Programme 2022

Successful applicants/Young Leaders will receive an invitation to air their view on High-Level Panels and critical decision-makers at EDD 2022. One of the benefits that come with this speaking opportunity is the fact that it gives youth participants a voice as high-level speakers, however, there can be limited time allotted for speaking on the panel.

Young leaders at the European Development Days 2022 are greatly encouraged to take fully participate in other sessions, such as Lab Debates or Brainstorming Sessions, where they will have more space to express their opinions and share their experiences.

Requirements For European Development Days Young Leaders Programme

  • The mandatory age requirement for EDD program is 21 to 26 years, Applicant can be from anywhere in the world.

The Selection Requirement

There are three basic areas in which the applications for the Young Leaders Programme are carried out, they include:

  • The Candidate’s knowledge, experience, and impact related to the selected topic.
  • Public speaking skills and motivation to participate.
  • The leadership experience of young leaders within an organization (formal and informal)

Young Leaders are also expected to be fluent in English or French.

Note: Demonstration will be done by a Skype interview with EDD youth team.

Application Required Documents:

  • A Curriculum Vitae (CV): it should be a maximum of 2 MB & saved as EDD22_FirstName_LASTNAME_CV)
  • Recent photo of the applicant
  • Make a 2-minute video with a link on YouTube in English or French and introduce yourself, outline your vision for your chosen topic(s), and explain why you would make an excellent youth representative at EDD 2022
  • A reference Letter who can confirm your involvement (max. 2 MB)
  • Two supporting files as proof of your participation
  • Then any additional documents to support your application (max 3 pdf file links)

How to Apply For European Development Days Young Leaders Program 2022

To apply for the Young Leaders Programme, you will need to first create your online profile on the European Development Days website before submitting your application to be one of the EDD Young Leaders. Upon the completion of your profile registration, you will be able to begin the online application process for the Development Day (EDD) 2022 Young Leaders Programme. You can visit the official website of EDD below to get more details.


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