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Hebrew College is situated in a vibrant learning community. They share the belief that education is vital to Jewish vivacity, and they are fanatical about the arduous study of the full breadth of Jewish religion and culture. Together, they foster lifelong Jewish learning that involves the whole person, challenging the mind and nourishing the soul.

Hebrew College

They are on a mission to produce a kind of Judaism that is spiritually gripping and knowledgeably honest, deeply engrained in the sources of tradition, and driven by a spirit of religious creativity and the constant question of how the new Judaism will materialize.

Reimagining Jewish education and leadership for a consistent world like ours are really interesting. Making our lives more meaningful, our communities more vibrant, and our world more whole.

Hebrew College

At Hebrew College-Jewish Institute you will enjoy unrestricted opportunities to improve as a leader of the leading global Jewish Movement and diverse communities throughout North America, Israel, and around the world. 

They are also willing to share with you the numerous opportunities. Hebrew Union College-Jewish Institute of Religion has to offer those who desire to serve as leaders in the Jewish community and wish to grow academically, intellectually, professionally and spiritually.

Whether you are just starting out or looking for a career change, Rabbi Dan Judson offers advice on the importance of choosing a career that feels useful and brings you meaning.

A Brief History on Hebrew College

Louis Hurwich issued a call to revolution: Midway through his announcement of the opening of Hebrew College, on the18 of August 1921 front page of the issue of the Jewish Advocate.

“In the next five years, no less than 75 percent of the present Jewish teachers in Boston will go over to other professions,” warned Hurwich, the superintendent of the Bureau of Jewish Education of Boston.

“The inability of the Jewish school to hold its own is sufficient challenge to the American Jewish community to wake up and to create bases for permanent improvement.” You can get more of the school’s history here.

Graduate Leadership Degrees

Study Opportunities for Graduate Community Courses

Jewish History & Thought

Adult Programs

Teen Learning

Professional Development

To get more details on the graduate community courses, simply click here.

Application Process for Hebrew College

The application process is very broad as the application requirements and deadlines are different for each program. It will be best if you log on to the link and choose the one that best suits you. to access the link click here.  You can also get more details on the school here.


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