Apple ConFirms That iPhone 15 Models Are Overheating Due to a Bug and Certain Apps

Apple confirms that iPhone 15 models are overheating due to a bug and certain apps. they are developing a software solution in response to reports of overheating issues with some of its new iPhone 15 models.

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Apple Confirms That iPhone 15 Models Are Overheating Due to a Bug and Certain Apps

The company informed CNN that the current overheating problems do not pose a safety risk and will not impact the long-term performance of affected iPhone models. They also stressed that iPhones include internal safeguards for components to control the temperature in case it becomes too high.

Apple also informed CNN that several factors are responsible for the heating issues in its next-generation lineup. User complaints began circulating after the latest iPhones became available in stores on September 22.

We have identified several conditions that can lead to iPhones running warmer than expected,”

Firstly, overheating can happen due to recent updates in certain third-party apps, which can lead them to “overload the system,” the company explained. These apps comprise Instagram, Uber, and the arcade racing game Asphalt 9.

Apple stated that they are collaborating with these app developers to implement fixes, which are currently in the process of being deployed.

Additionally, the company mentioned that it found a bug in iOS 17 affecting certain users and intends to release a software update to resolve the problem. However, it did not provide a specific timeframe for the fix’s availability.

Furthermore, Apple explained that the device might experience increased warmth during the initial days after setup or device restoration due to “heightened background activity.

Apple’s support page cautions users that a device may become warmer when restoring it from a backup. Running graphic-intensive apps, streaming high-quality video, or wirelessly charging it.

Apple ConFirms That iPhone 15 Models Are Overheating

The company states on the website that these conditions are typical, and your device will go back to its regular temperature once the process is finished or when you’re done with your activity. If your device doesn’t show a temperature warning, you can continue using it.

This news coincides with robust demand for the iPhone 15. Leading up to the launch day, analysts from companies like Wedbush Securities noted that iPhone 15 pre-orders were exceeding initial expectations. There is particularly strong demand for the premium iPhone 15 Pro models, especially the Pro Max. As a result, delivery and shipment times have been extended to late October through mid-November for several Pro models.

The new iPhones arrive at a time when Apple disclosed in August that sales had dropped for the third consecutive quarter. iPhone revenue in the third quarter amounted to about $39.7 billion, Reflecting a roughly 2% year-over-year decrease, as users are upgrading their devices less frequently.

However, as per Wedbush estimates, roughly 250 million iPhones have gone without upgrades for over four years. Improvements in the processor, camera, and charging system. Along with mobile carrier discounts, could provide compelling reasons for users to consider upgrading this year.

The iPhone 15 Pro has a starting price of $1,099, while the iPhone 15 Pro Max begins at $1,199. Apple’s basic models, the iPhone 15 and iPhone 15 Plus, are priced at $799 and $899, respectively.

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