Apex Legends Developers Confirm Esports Hacking Incident

Apex Legends developers confirm the esports hacking incident and have therefore responded with layered updates. The Apex Legends Global Series has been currently put on hold after competitive integrity was reportedly compromised.

Apex Legends Esports Hacking Incident

Apex Legends Esports Hacking Incident

Due to concerns about compromised “competitive integrity” resulting from a hacking incident, Apex Legends has made the decision to postpone the North America finals for its Global Series championship. The incident occurred when two professional players, livestreaming their gameplay, were targeted by hackers who forcibly applied cheats during competitive matches.

Although the exact cause of the attacks has not been officially confirmed, speculation suggests that the hacks may have exploited vulnerabilities within Apex Legend’s anti-cheat protections. An exchange posted on X by a cheat monitoring account suggests that the attacker utilized a remote code execution (RCE) exploit to run their code directly on the players’ computers.

Accounts Were Hacked During the Event

Following the incident, Respawn, the developer of Apex Legends, confirmed via a tweet that “a few” pro accounts were indeed hacked during the event. They also stated that the first of several updates had been deployed to protect the player community and ensure a secure gaming experience.

No Clarification on Whether Players’ Computers Could Be Compromised

Despite this, there has been no clarification on whether players’ computers could be compromised or details about mitigations against such attacks. Apex Legends Esports, along with its partners at EA and Respawn, are actively working to ensure the security and competitive integrity of future tournaments. However, they do not anticipate any changes to the ongoing Split 1 Playoffs.

The Aftermath of the Incident

The incident has raised concerns about the potential impact of hacking on competitive gameplay. Twitch clips show players encountering aimbot software and spam messages during matches, indicating the severity of the situation.

While one of the hackers, known as “Destroyer2009,” has a history of targeting Apex Legends players, little is known about the other alias mentioned during the incident.



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