Cowboy’s Very First All-Road Electric Bike Is a Beast

Cowboy’s very first all-road electric bike is a beast. The cross e-bike as you should know doesn’t just look great, but it also rides great just as it should considering the fact that it is going for €3,499.

Cowboy’s First All-Road Electric Bike

Cowboy’s First All-Road Electric Bike

Cowboy, the company famous for making high-tech e-bikes, has just unveiled its latest creation: the Cross e-bike. This new bike is perfect for riders who want to leave bumpy city streets behind and explore more rugged terrain.

The Cross e-bike comes with some cool features to make off-road riding easier. It has wider tires and suspension systems in the front fork and seat post to absorb bumps along the way. The pedals are also designed to provide better grip, and it has a big battery that can last for up to 120km (75 miles) on a single charge. Plus, there’s a handy rear rack for carrying extra gear.

I had the chance to test ride the Cross e-bike, and it’s really impressive. The seat suspension is comfy, and the wider tires and front fork suspension make the bike feel solid on pavement, dirt paths, and gravel roads. While it may not be ideal for long bikepacking trips, it’s perfect for city riding and casual adventures in the countryside.

Additional Features with the Cross E-Bike

Not only does the Cross e-bike perform well, but it also looks great. It comes in three stylish metallic colors, and the design of the frame creates a cool floating effect around the battery. In addition to its cool features, the Cross e-bike also comes with some high-tech extras like a self-diagnostic tool and a gamification feature in the app for a fun riding experience.

Price and Availability

You can get your hands on the Cross e-bike for €3,499 (about $3,800), but the price will eventually go up to €3,999. Sales start today, so don’t miss out!

To learn more in regards to the specs and features of this item, do well to check The Verge.



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