Andrei Stenin International Press Photo Contest 2024 ( Up to USD 9,000 Grand Prize) – APPLY NOW

The competition provides a platform for young photojournalists to address their important issues. The key themes of the contest revolve around global humanitarian issues, national identity, social equality, and the environment.

Andrei Stenin International Press Photo Contest

The number of participants and the diversity of countries they represent have been increasing annually. The contest’s popularity has also been growing, in part due to the exhibitions showcasing the winning entries, which have become an essential component of the event. These exhibitions have been hosted in numerous countries, such as China, South Africa, Mexico, Argentina, Uruguay, Turkey, Lebanon, Germany, Spain, Italy, Greece, Hungary, and Poland.

Program Details

The Andrei Stenin International Press Photo Contest was created on December 22, 2014, by Rossiya Segodnya with the support of the Russian Federation’s Commission for UNESCO.

This contest is unique in Russia as it seeks out emerging talents in international photojournalism and promotes high standards for documentary photography. Its focus is to aid young photojournalists, aged 18 to 33, in their pursuit of excellence in their field. This year marks the contest’s 10th anniversary.


  • Top News: a single photo or series of images
  • sports – one photo image
  • My planet – one photo or series of images
  • Portrait: A Modern-day Hero – one photo or series of images
  • Top view – one photo image

Contest prizes

  • Grand Prize – RUB 700,000 (seven hundred thousand), equivalent to about USD 9,000.
  • First Place for a single photo image or series of images in each category – RUB 125,000, approximately USD 1,300.
  • Second Place for a single photo image or series of images in each category – RUB 100,000, roughly USD 1,100.
  • Third Place for a single photo image or series of images in each category – RUB 75,000, around USD 900.
  • The contest sponsor may also provide additional prizes.

Eligibility Criteria

  • The Andrei Stenin International Press Photo Contest is open to individuals aged 18 to 33, to showcase and support young photographers in their pursuit of professional excellence.
  • Submissions may consist of a single photograph or a series of no more than 12 photographs. Minimal adjustments such as cropping, white balance, or brightness and contrast corrections are permitted. However, framed images, collages, heavily photoshopped photos, or those with edited or replaced elements will not be accepted.
  • Photos must be uploaded in JPG format with acceptable compression not exceeding 10. The image should be between 2,200 and 5,700 pixels on its longer side.
  • The file name should include the photograph’s serial number, the author’s first and last name, the title, and the year it was taken, separated by underscores (e.g., 01_Smith_James_The_Spring_2011). The file name must be in Latin script, and the file size should not exceed 20 Mb. Additionally, the file must contain all EXIF data.
  • Submitted photographs must have been taken after January 1, 2022. In exceptional cases, series of photographs started in previous years are accepted, provided the last photograph in the series was taken in 2022 or 2023.

Application process

  • Participants upload and store their entries on their page at COM. They have the option to add or replace photos until the entry is submitted. Once the entry is submitted, no further photos can be added or replaced.
  • To Apply for this contest, please click here.

Visit the official website of Andrei Stenin International Press Photo Contest  for further information

Application Deadline

Entries will be accepted until the 15th of March, 2024 in Russian, English, and Chinese.

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