Amazon Reports Server Outages That Broke Many of Its Apps

Amazon reports server outages that broke many of its apps such as fast food apps like Taco Bell and McDonald’s. The bad problems faced by Amazon’s US-East-1 region caused problems in the event that users wanted to order a Taco Bell or Burger King through their apps.

Amazon Server Outages

Amazon Server Outages

A reported outage within the Amazon Web Services (AWS) cloud server setup was reported to be affecting a host of internet services, and this is inclusive of The Verge’s website, but that has however been resolved. The AWS Health Dashboard however noted problems of degradation on multiple services in the US-East-1 region that began around 3 PM ET.

The most recent update from Amazon that was posted at 6:42 PM ET reportedly reads, “Between 11:49 AM PDT and 3:37 PM PDT, we experienced increased error rates and latencies for multiple AWS Services in the US-EAST-1 Region. Our engineering teams were immediately engaged and began investigating. We quickly narrowed down the root cause to be an issue with a subsystem responsible for capacity management for AWS Lambda… As of 3:37 PM, the backlog was fully processed. The issue has been resolved and all AWS Services are operating normally.”

The Number of Affected Sites and Platforms

It is almost quite impossible to count the number of sites and services that rely on AWS, or across which of the regions or specific services, so just how these issues might have affected your internet solely depends on a host of things. So far, this does not seem to have been as much of a problem as some previous AWS outages that held up deliveries, even shut down smart home devices, and busted many streaming apps, although there were some complaints of problems with Alexa not working.

Other Apps Affected By the Outage

The Verge’s very own Mitchell Clark alerted the platform to the outage while hiking the Pacific Crest Trail simply because it seems to have busted Burger King’s mobile app. A quick peek at Downdetector shows people also reported problems with McDonald’s as well as Delta Air Lines, and the Taco Bell app was also broken, too.

IT workers on the Reddit and Hacker News platforms reported that they couldn’t get access to consoles to try to troubleshoot the problems that they are having.

For The Verge on the other hand, the problems in question meant that the front page of the site is not updating automatically, but the platform however found a workaround it.

The Reason for Amazon Web Services Outage

According to Amazon, they have this to say about the outage suffered by AWS;

“we quickly narrowed down the root cause to be an issue with a subsystem responsible for capacity management for AS Lambda, which caused errors directly for customers and indirectly through the use by other AWS services.”



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