Logitech’s CEO Is Reportedly Leaving the Company

Logitech’s CEO is reportedly leaving the company. According to various reports reaching us now, it seems that Bracken Darrel, the CEO of Logitech has resigned from the company in a bid to ‘pursue another opportunity.’Logitech’s CEO Is Leaving


Logitech’s CEO Is Leaving

Logitech’s CEO of 10 years is reportedly leaving the company in search for a new job. Bracken Darrell has now resigned from his role in the company and will be “departing the Company to pursue another opportunity,” according to a press release from Logitech . The resignation of Darrell is effective Tuesday, but he will reportedly stay at Logitech “over the coming month to ensure a seamless transition.”

The Rise of the Logitech Brand

Logitech has for a long time now been a well-known name in computer accessories such as keyboards, mice, as well as webcams, but its products became hugely popular at the beginning of the Covid pandemic when many people had to learn or work from their homes. The company has however seen falling revenues now that people are going back to schools and offices. Under the watch of Darrell, Logitech has also made some pretty big acquisitions, and this is including Blue Microphones (this is a brand that the company is reportedly axing), gaming headset maker Astro, and even streaming software-maker Streamlabs.

The Incoming Interim CEO of the Company

Guy Gecht a board member of Logitech will be stepping in as interim CEO while the company kicks off its search for a new leader. Gecht as you should know has been on the board ever since 2019. “After nearly a decade of consistent growth and building market leadership across multiple categories, I feel this is a good point to hand over leadership,” Darrell in a statement stated. “I want to thank all the amazing people across Logitech for their work through the years. I will work with Guy and the board to ensure a smooth transition and I will continue to be a customer, shareholder, and enduring fan of Logitech and its products.”

How Much Is the CEO of Logitech Worth

The reported estimated net worth of Bracken Darrell is at least $49 million as of May this year. Bracken Darrell is or should I say was the president and CEO of Logitech International SA and he also owns about 765,513 shares of Logitech International SA stock that is reported to be worth more than $49 million.

How Much Does the CEO of Logitech Make

The outgoing CEO of Logitech International Bracken Darrell who was appointed back in April 2012, has been the active running CEO of Logitech until now. His total annual compensation is $10.5 million which is comprised of a 9.5% salary and 90.5% bonuses which is inclusive of company stock and options. The CEO also directly owns 0.6% of the shares of the company which is worth $60 million.



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