All Voice Command on PS5

All Voice Command on PS5. Soon, Sony would be bringing PS5 voice commands to their latest console in an upcoming system update. This would enable you to control your console without having to push a button. You would be able to launch a game in your library, stop and play media, and even put the PS5 in Rest mode, just by making use of your voice.

All Voice Command on PS5

All Voice Command on PS5

Although the voice commands are still at the moment in their preview stage, you are to be a part of the latest PS5 system update beta to be able to try them out. well, we have discovered that they work great all thanks to the DualSense controller’s in-built microphone, which works quite well picking up your voice as it’s always in close proximity. Also, it means you are not expected to possess a headset that owns a microphone.

If you happen to be interested in making use of your voice to navigate your PlayStation 5, well this article contains all the PS5 voice commands that you need to know and provided an explainer on some of the other settings that you would find. It’s worth noting that the PS5 voice commands are currently only accessible in the US and UK, with time it would expand to more territories.

Activate PS5 Voice Commands

To be able to activate your voice command, you need to be a part of the latest PS5 system update beta as the feature is not available to all the users at the moment. Go to settings and launch the Voice command menu. Click on “Enable Voice Command” to turn on the PS5 voice commands.

Right on this menu, you would also discover another setting that you can tweak, and they include if the PS5’s controller will listen for the “Hey, PlayStation!” command, adjusting the speech speed and volume of the assistant, as well as choosing to take part in Sony’s feedback program for voice commands.

Enable PS5 Voice Commands

In order to activate the PS5’s voice command functionality, simply say “Hey, PlayStation!”. You would be required to make use of a headset that possesses a microphone or the DualSense Controller’s in-built mic. Be sure that your chosen mic is not on mute right before you begin.

Just by saying, “hey, PlayStation. Help.” You would be granted access to all the available PS5 Voice commands, in case you are ever in need of a reminder of some of the things you are able to do. Below I would be offering you a list of every PS5 voice command.

Start a Game or App

Starting a game via the voice command should not be a problem, just follow the steps that I would be stating for you:

  • First say “Hey, PlayStation” to pop up the voice assistant
  • Immediately the glowing orb in the top left corner of your screen says, “Open” and the title name of the game or the app that you want to make use of.
  • You can say: “Hey, PlayStation. Open Knack.”

Also, you can also head over to the specific game or app just by saying “Hey, PlayStation. Go to Netflix.” This would be useful if you just simply want to jump to a game’s information page as opposed to opening it.

Find a Game or App

Do you have a huge library of games? Well, you can choose to make use of the PS5 voice commands to find exactly what you are looking for or perform a search.

  • To locate a game or an app, Say “Hey, PlayStation. Find Horizon Forbidden West.”
  • To Search, just simply say “Hey, PlayStation. Search Death Stranding,” which should offer you a list of options that is related to the game.

Music and Movie Control

PS5 has offered movie and music control using voice commands. And this is really amazing if you are tired of reaching for the DualSense controller during a film. In other to control your media, just say “Hey, PlayStation” then either “Pause”, “Resume”, “Rewind”, “Fast forward”, “Previous” or “Next.”


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