Alien: Romulus Release Date, Story, Cast, and Everything We Know So Far

Alien: Romulus release date, story, cast, and everything we know so far. With Fede Alvarez at the seat of the new alien movie, the franchise as you should know is heading in a really promising direction, but what is the film, Alien: Romulus really about?

Alien: Romulus Release Date

Alien: Romulus Release Date

“Alien: Romulus” marks the latest entry in the storied Alien series, directed by Fede Álvarez, known for his work on “Evil Dead” and “Don’t Breathe.” This addition, also referred to as “Alien 7,” has generated significant excitement, with details about the cast, storyline, and release date being shared by Álvarez and 20th Century Studios.

Since its inception with Ridley Scott’s 1979 film, the Alien saga has primarily chronicled the harrowing experiences of Ellen Ripley (played by Sigourney Weaver) against the menacing Xenomorphs. Although Ripley’s narrative seemed to conclude with “Alien: Resurrection,” the franchise experienced a revival with “Prometheus” in 2012, which took the series in a new direction, followed by “Alien: Covenant” in 2017.

Despite its ups and downs in terms of consistency, the Alien franchise has been celebrated for its creative and groundbreaking contributions to the sci-fi horror genre. With “Alien: Romulus” under the direction of Álvarez, there’s a palpable sense of anticipation for what the new film will bring. Distinguished by its intention to stand alone, not leaning heavily on “Covenant” or its predecessors, “Alien: Romulus” aims to recapture the series’ original essence of claustrophobic terror.

The film features Cailee Spaeny, acclaimed for her roles in “Mare of Easttown” and “Pacific Rim,” in a leading position, and the script is co-authored by Álvarez and Rodo Sayagues, Álvarez’s collaborator on both “Evil Dead” and “Don’t Breathe.” This collaboration and direction signal a promising return to the intense, horror-driven roots that have defined the Alien franchise.

Release Date

The release date for “Alien: Romulus” has been scheduled for August 16, 2024. This announcement regarding the next installment in the Alien movie series was made in mid-2023, following a teaser from director Fede Álvarez, who shared an intriguing production photo. This image humorously showcased the iconic face-hugger, a staple of the Alien franchise, wrapped around a slate board, hinting at the return of the classic elements that have thrilled fans over the years.

Cast and Characters

The cast for “Alien: Romulus” has been partially unveiled, though details about the roles they will embody remain sparse. Cailee Spaeny was the inaugural actor confirmed to be in talks for joining the cast, with her official participation announced in November 2022. It’s reported that Spaeny’s character will serve as the story’s lead, potentially echoing the legacy of Sigourney Weaver’s iconic portrayal of Ellen Ripley. This suggests that Spaeny’s role could embody the resilient and resourceful traits that have become synonymous with the series’ protagonists, offering a new perspective while honoring the spirit of Ripley’s character.

Already there has been a host of additional names attached to the cast of Alien: Romulus. That said, the complete cast list for Alien Romulus includes;

  • David Jonsson (Industry)
  • Archie Renaux (Shadow and Bone)
  • Isabela Merced (Rosaline)
  • Spike Fearn (The Batman)
  • Aileen Wu (Away from Home)

Why Ridley Scott is Not Directing This Alien Movie

Ridley Scott, the visionary director behind the original 1979 “Alien” film, will not be directing “Alien: Romulus,” the latest installment in the franchise. Throughout the series, various directors have taken the helm to expand the universe and add new chapters to the story.

For this upcoming sequel, Fede Álvarez, known for his work on the 2013 “Evil Dead” reboot and the critically acclaimed horror/thriller “Don’t Breathe,” will be directing. Álvarez’s proven expertise in the horror genre suggests that “Alien: Romulus” may explore a darker and more intense approach to the Alien universe.

Although Ridley Scott will not direct, his involvement in “Alien: Romulus” as the lead producer ensures that his creative vision will influence the project. Working closely with Álvarez, Scott’s extensive filmmaking experience and deep understanding of the “Alien” franchise will be invaluable in guiding the movie’s direction and ensuring it aligns with the legacy of the series. Scott’s role as producer is a promising sign for the sequel, indicating that the new film will benefit from his legendary storytelling and cinematic expertise.

Alien: Romulus Plot and Story

While specific details of “Alien: Romulus” remain under wraps, the film’s creative team has made it clear that this installment will stand on its own, distinct from Ridley Scott’s original series and the subsequent prequels. An initial, albeit broad, synopsis has been shared, setting the stage for a narrative centered on “a group of young people on a distant world, who find themselves in a confrontation with the most terrifying life form in the universe.” This premise hints at a return to the franchise’s roots of intense, survival-driven storytelling against the backdrop of deep-space horror.

Despite being described as a standalone feature, “Alien: Romulus” is positioned within the series’ chronology between “Alien” and “Aliens.” This placement offers a unique narrative bridge in the over 50-year gap while Ripley was adrift in space, suggesting the film could explore events shortly after “Alien” or nearer to “Aliens,” where the threat of the Xenomorph escalates significantly.

The ambiguity surrounding the film’s tone—whether it leans towards the atmospheric horror of the original or the action-oriented approach of its sequel—adds an element of anticipation about how “Alien: Romulus” will contribute to the expanding lore of the Alien saga.



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