Alibaba Reshuffles Its Top Execs amid Scrutiny from the US

Alibaba reshuffles its top execs amid scrutiny from the US as well as cloud outage. It is now being reported that CEO Daniel Zhang will be heading up Alibaba Cloud Intelligence.

Alibaba Reshuffles Its Top Execs amid Scrutiny from the US

Alibaba Reshuffles Its Top Execs amid Scrutiny from the US

Alibaba at the moment has announced a significant reshuffle of its leadership team as the company faces stern competition in the public cloud hosting infrastructure provider space.

The company in an announcement stated that the current CEO of the company Daniel Zhang will become the acting president of Alibaba Cloud Intelligence. The new CEO of Alibaba Cloud Intelligence will reportedly replace Jeff Zhang who will not be focusing on the Alibaba DAMO Academy, including many of the IoT initiatives of the company.

The Hong Kong Servers of Alibaba Recently Suffered a Serious Outage

TechCrunch reports that the Hong Kong servers of the company recently suffered a serious outage that affected many services such as the popular crypto exchange platform OKX, offline for up to a day, thus making it one of the biggest Chinese data center failures in the nation’s history.

Other changes to be taking place in the company include the appointment of Wu Zeming as CTO and the promotion of co-founder Jane Jiang to Chief People Officer. The company says that it hopes that regular role changes will help the company to stay active and agile.

What the Company Has To Say about the Changes Within

“As the country enters a new stage of living with Covid and policymakers have given direction to the future development of the platform economy, we are more confident than ever that continued development is the key to solving the challenges we face today,” Zhang in an internal email, wrote to employees.

Alibaba Remains a Top Player in the Data Center Industry

Alibaba as a company remains a top player in the data center industry and it is also well positioned to continue with its growth. But the company however still faces stern challenges elsewhere. In the early parts of this year, we reported that the US government had placed Alibaba Cloud under review in a bid to determine whether it posed a risk to the nation’s security.


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