Ten Prayers to Say in the New Year

A new year is the beginning of a new era. It is the period to set the pace for yourself spiritually. This article reveals ten sample prayers you can say in the new year.

Ten Prayers to Say in the New Year
Ten Prayers to Say in the New Year

The time between Christmas and the new year is the perfect time to start putting your new year requests into the hands of the highest God.

Ten Prayers to Say in the New Year

Also, you can share new year’s prayers with your friends and loved ones. This is another way to show that you care about their well-being. Prayers have a way of producing positive energy and bringing positive things your way.

Extend good blessings to your loved ones this year by sending them any of these prayers.

A Prayer for Faith in the Plans of God

Almighty God, In the middle of the night, when the old year dies and the new one comes rising in, I draw strength from the fact that in the next few months, winter and summer will come, and rain and sunshine will take their places. Everything to make the world habitable will occur according to your plan. I am so grateful to be part of it, O lord.

Prayer for Happiness

As the year begins and starts going away, the lord will make me very happy. By shielding me from pain and sorrow and giving me the grace to bear them when they do come.

The good lord will make my path easy to tread. The Lord will take hardship away from me. He will also take away all cowardice and fear from my heart.

The Lord will keep my face bright even in dark places. By the grace of God, this year will be a happy one for me.

Prayer for Peace

Everlasting God, help us move into the new year with peace. May we walk gently, and may we speak only after we have listened properly.

O Lord, help us to enter into the new year with reverence to you aware that you have endowed all of your creatures with beauty and purpose. Please help us to treat this world with tenderness. Give us the grace to honour rather than destroy.

This year, help us to welcome your lavish and love, and may the grace and peace of our lord Jesus be with us now and all the days of our lives. Amen

Prayer of Gratitude

As the day dawn and we enter into a new year, let us be grateful for all we have and hold, our health, family, and friends.

Let us release every grudge we may have had in the course of the year. Let us submit all our anger and pain into the hands of the lord.  Let us live each day in the best and most loving way possible. let us serve every needy person we meet, regardless of colour, race, and creed.

Remember that we are one, embrace all, and discriminate against no one.

May your year be filled with the prosperity, peace, and love of the lord. May the blessings of the lord be showered upon you. I wish you a bright, healthy, and happy year.

Prayer of Thanksgiving

Dear Lord, every single day, you have always been with us. You have been there through every transition and change. As we move into this new era with joy, we recall all that you have done for us, with excitement and gratitude.

We recall your deep compassion, love, and presence. We are thankful for all the gifts and graces that you have given to us. We thank you for the work of other people that give length and breadth to our work.

We ask that you remain with us as we decide to live our lives with gratitude, helping others as we move forward.

A prayer to Let Go of the Past

Dear God, on this very day, I ask that you grant me this request. Give me the grace to know who, and whose I am. Give me the grace to be a catalyst of light. Help me spread light everywhere I go.

May I have sufficient strength to stand tall amid conflicts? Help me to have the courage to speak even when I am scared. Give me the humility to follow my heart, and the passion to live the desires of my soul.

Give me the grace to embrace and love the totality of myself.

Help me to be drenched in Holiness and engulfed by your love, O God.

Prayer for Strength

Dear God, I know not what challenges await me in the months to come. Help me to be strong enough to overcome any temptation, trials, and difficulties.

Help me to be patient enough to know it takes time to start over from the top and be wise enough to ask family and friends for help.

As I look forward to a better future, helps me to reflect on the past and remember the lessons it has taught me. Help me to look up to you for strength and guidance always.

Prayer for New Beginnings

Think not about your fears but your dreams. Do not think about your frustrations, but about your unfulfilled potential. Do not concern yourself with the areas in which you failed but with what you can still possibly do to make things better.

This is the best time to put aside the past and the present setbacks and failures and look with confidence to the future.

I pray that you let the lord leads you in all that you do, Amen.

Prayer for a Strong Relationship with God

Sweet Jesus, I thank you for everything you have done for me. Every single year, I make resolutions to be a better person. This year, I resolve to be closer to you, my lord and personal saviour.

Open my ears this year so that I will hear you and enjoy you at every single juncture. Help me to yield to your leadings. Amen.

Prayer to Prepare for the Coming Year

Dear Lord, thank you for a fresh page, an opportunity to be better, and to live a better life. What an incredible day this is, this year has very fresh and full potential. Help me to be found faithful this year with every opportunity I get.

Thank you for this new beginning and give me the grace to be prepared for it.


The best way to begin every new season is to make preparations spiritually. The only way to do this is you kneel in prayer. Use any of the templates in this article for your friends and family members.



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