9 Tactical Short Daily Prayers for New Year

Do you know that prayers are one of the important tools that bring about a successful day? Well, if you don’t, we will be enlightening you on that and at the same time giving you a list of 9 short daily prayers for every new day.

9 Tactical Short Daily Prayers for New Year
9 Tactical Short Daily Prayers for New Year

It doesn’t really matter what religion you are into, as you can say these what of prayer in your own language.

Short Daily Prayers

This content contains a list of 9 short daily prayers. Without a doubt, when you seek the opinion of a religious person on prayer, they will always place good emphasis on the importance of praying daily. In a real sense, prayer means communicating with your creator. However, it also means, speaking to your present and also future either positively or negatively things.

However, in this case, you are not speaking negatively but positively. Below is a list of daily prayers you should pray each day.

Prayer of Thanksgiving

It is said that by giving thanks for everything and every day you see become good things happen to you. Hence, it is important always to say a prayer of thanksgiving daily. It doesn’t really matter if your religious ideology is about thanksgiving, but it is important to note that most religions preach the importance of giving thanks.

Daily Prayer of Provision

Just like the Christian prayer state “give us this day out daily bread”, it is important to pray for the works of your hands to be blessed for that day and beyond. As we mentioned, this has nothing to do with religious differences. This is because it is the wish of everyone to be blessed in the very thing he or she fine doing. Hence, when praying daily, ensure you pray for your daily source of living.

New Year Daily Prayer of Protection

It is said that no one knows what the day holds for them. Well, ironically, that turns out to be very true. Outside the fact that we plan for we day and make schedules, expectations at times are cut short. Knowing this, it is important your pray for protection for that day. Thus, always ensure you pray your day turns out to be successful.

Prayer of Wisdom

Wisdom is the ability to think in special ways and it’s not given by men through the help of the supernatural. It is important you always pray for wisdom every day in other for your day to be a successful one.

Daily Prayer of Forgiveness

The ability to forgive and be forgiven is what makes you special and very different from others. You must be thinking what does forgiving have to do with my daily life? well, it does have everything to do with your daily life. Having known this, we all are born into sin, the creator, expects us to come to him being sorry for our sins and also forgiving others as he forgives us.

In other for our day to come out well, it is important, we begin the day by asking for forgiveness.

New Year Daily Prayer of Favour

On a daily bases, it is important, your pray for favour.  Most struggles come to a lasting end, through said daily prayers of favour as they believe that their God will use man and woman to turn things work out for their benefit. While saying words of prayer, you can include prayers of favour that will bless your day.

Prayer of Success

Have you tried praying for having a successful day while making daily prayers? Well, if you have not, then you should consider including it now in your prayers. No one wants to have a bad day or bad experience on a day or a special occasion. Well, the importance of this prayer cannot be over-emphasized.

Daily Prayer of Long Life

According to what the Christian bible says, “with long life, I will satisfy you”. You should always make a declaration to yourself daily that you shall not die before your time or without fulfilling your purpose. Prayers are like messages and they work as you have instructed them.

New Year Daily Prayer of Pace

Not having peace bring about health challenges and any bad event with excessive thinking can make that happen. Daily you should ensure, your prayer for peace as it is essential for your health improvement and stability.


Prayers are powerful words and just as we said they are messages that do whatever you say connecting you to your creator. So, it is important you make good use of the privilege given to you and your payer daily.



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