Best Chinese New Year Gifts Ideas 2023

The best Chinese New Year gifts for 2023 are those popular items like healthy foods, fruits, etc. There are different Chinese New Year gifts for your in-law or friends.

Best Chinese New Year Gifts Ideas 2023

Most Chinese New Year gifts often come in the form of food and money traditionally. Sometimes items are symbolic of prosperity and good luck. Scroll down to explore.

Best Chinese New Year Gifts Ideas 2023

With this Chinese New Year gift 2023, you can have access to choose proper gifts for your parents. Kids, in-laws, and friends. We have categorized these gifts to make your shopping easy.

The new year is a season time for giving a gift to express respect and affection. If you are for ideas for Chinese New Year gifts, you have come to the right place.

We have rounded up top gifts for friends, families, kids, and in-laws at the Chinese New Year. Scroll down to make your selection.

Popular Chinese New Year Gifts

Some famous gifts can never be out of fashion during the Chinese New Year. Below are some of them:


You can get those of your friends that love drinking wine as a Chinese New Year gift. However, you can get Liquor which is usually given in two bottles.

Red Envelope

The red envelope is a monetary gift that happens to be the most practical choice. You can get CNY 1,000 to 5,000 for parents and CNY 200 to 1,000 for kids.


Chinese tea is one of the most favored drinks and is widely consumed. You can gift it to your in-law as a new year’s gift.

Health Food

Chinese food is among the top 10 health food and it can be a gift to old people. Mostly tonic foods of nutritious value.


Fruits are a cool and safe Chinese New Year gift idea. You can package different fruit ideas like apples, oranges, and more in boxes.


For those who love smoking, you can gift them two cartons of cigarettes in the brands they love.

Chinese New Year Gifts For parents, parent-in-law, & senior Relatives  

There are some gifts you can gift seniors who are parents, senior relatives, or friends. However, you can get them tonic foods, fitness equipment, and more.

Massage chair

For older parents and seniors’ relatives, you can get them fitness equipment like this massage chair. However, you can as well get them a foot spa massager and a massage pillow.

Tonic Foods

For those elders that are in poor health, you can gift them or rather prepare some tonic product for them. such as edible bird’s nest, ginseng, and cordyceps.

Clothes & Accessories

One of their festivals falls in winter and it is time for celebration. You can get those older parents and relatively warm cloth as this season is cold and not good for aged people. Moreover, you can get hats, scarves, warm clothes to push coldness, and gloves to keep them warm.

Chinese New Year Gifts for Kids

If you are looking for new year gifts for your kids, or the kids of your relative, we got you covered. We have picked together some of the most popular Chinese New Year gift ideas that are good to present to kids. Scroll down and make your choice.


Most of the kids love eating snacks, once they see snacks they will jump for joy. Some of the most famous snacks include candies, chocolate, and pies. Most of the things stated above must surely win their heart. Avoid sweets if kids are teething.


You can as well get your kid’s toys as they love playing with toys. However, you can shop online or shop at a store near you at home.

Red Envelope

You can get your kid ranges from CNY 200 to 1,000. It is better to get some crisp and new notes wrapped in a red envelope.

New Year Gifts for Girlfriends & Boyfriends

If you are confused about what to gift your boyfriends and girlfriends, we got you covered. Here are some of the top new year gifts to buy for your girl & boyfriend so far:


Wallet: There are different wallets to choose from in the market. You can either visit any of the online retailers like Amazon, BestBuy, or Walmart to order his best colors. You can as well get to any near store close to you to buy.

Shaver: This shaver is a nice gift to give your family. It is one of the nice gifts your date will appreciate. Can be worn out.

Belt: You can as well buy him a belt for a new year’s gift, consider one with leather as it last longer.

Lighter: For those who are smokers, you can get them lighter as a gift. There is a high-quality lighter to gift your date.


For the girlfriend, there are some specific gifts to give her to make her happy, some of them include:

Lipstick: There are different colors of lipstick to buy for your date. You can as well get them a multi-color lipstick. Go to any store near you or order online from your best retailers.

Necklace: Necklaces are good items you can gift your girlfriend. You can either order them or go to the near store to buy them.

Perfume: perfume is a nice gift to make your girlfriend’s scent great. They are some specific perfumes for ladies. Visit Amazon to search for women’s perfume and order one.

Chocolate: lady also loves chocolate. You can place an order at Walmart or Amazon, or visit any store near you and buy.

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