Happy New Year Prayers for Your Fiance in 2023

Sending prayers to your loved ones tells a lot about how much you care and appreciate them and it sends a direct message about your good wishes to them.

Happy New Year Prayers for Your Fiance

On this ground, we will be giving you a list of “Happy New Year prayers for your fiancé in 2023. Hence, all you have to do is read every detail that is contained in this article.

Happy New Year Prayers for Your Fiance in 2023

Your prayers become even more remarkable when they talk more about your fiancé’s expectations and solutions to their present and future problem. Below are Happy New Year Prayers you can send to your fiancé:

New Year Prayer of Thanksgiving

It is a thing of Joy that we both are alive to witness another year, having closed one already. I thank God for keeping you and helping you grow and prosper in all you do. I thank God for his good works displayed in you my love and I thank God for keeping us together.

Prayer for Promotion

I pray in this new year; you get promoted on every side. When people get to and they are not lifted, you will go and you will be lifted and promoted. You shall see a turnaround on every side, my love. Because you have entered a new year, I assure you that you have entered a grace of double promotion. Happy New Year my dear.

New Year’s Prayer for Financial Breakthrough

It’s a new year and new expenses are popping up. I pray for you, my love; you shall receive financial growth. You shall not lack financially. This year you are breaking the financial limit. Happy New Year my dear.

Happy New Year Prayer for Long Life

The word of God Said, that with a long life, he will satisfy you. You will not die before your time and without fulfilling your purpose in this new year and beyond. I pray you shall not die but live.

Prayer or Success

I Pray for you in this new year; beyond that, you shall succeed in all you do. Where men fail you will not fail. You will see success in all you do and I pray for you that the works your hands are blessed.

New Year Prayer for Favour

I pray that you will be highly favored in all you do.  In this new year, you shall not fall short of God’s favor. My dear, you will see the Favor of the look around. Amen.

Happy New Year Prayer for Good Health

Sadly, health is wealth. My prayer for this new year and beyond is that you spend your days and years in good health. You shall not experience any health challenges in Jesus. Amen.

Prayer of Protection

My dear, I pray for you that the protection of the Lord never departs from you. You shall not see evil all your days the hand’s protection shall rest on you. This I pray in Jesus’ name. Amen.

New Year’s Prayer for a Blooming Career

You can send a prayer for a blooming career. Such prayer can be like this: I pray that your career will be elevated in this new year. You shall experience massive speed and acceleration in your career in this year and beyond. Amen.

Prayer for Strength  

I pray that in this new year and beyond you shall be strengthened in all reunifications you shall be strengthened. Your strength shall not fail and you shall not express shame. Amen.

Happy New Year Prayer for Miracles

In this new month, you shall see a handful of miracles. Your heart’s desire will not be cut short. This year shall be your best year and better than the past ones so far. Happy New Year dear.

New Year Prayer for Hearth Desires

God knows your desires and secret prayers, so I pray for you this new year, that all your heart desires for this year and beyond are fulfilled. Amen.


With these prayers, you are sure to pass a direct message of how much you care and appreciate your fiancé. You can be sure of proving your profound love.

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