Achieve Debt Consolidation Reviews:  Is This Debt Relief Program Right for You?

Do you have a lot of debt from credit cards or loans that charge high interest? Many people do. Lots of Americans are dealing with some kind of debt they owe. You are not alone if you have lots of debt causing you stress.

Achieve Debt Consolidation Reviews
Achieve Debt Consolidation Reviews

Debt consolidation can provide a lifeline – consolidating multiple debts into one monthly payment at a lower interest rate. This can reduce monthly payments and eliminate extra fees

One such debt consolidation program is Achieve Debt Consolidation. But is it the right solution for your debt situation? Here’s an Achieve Debt Consolidation reviews, including benefits, drawbacks, costs, and what past customers have to say.

Overview of Achieve Debt Consolidation

Achieve Debt Consolidation is a privately run debt relief program, not a non-profit credit counselling agency. Their debt consolidation process works like this:

  • You begin with a free consultation with an Achieve representative to review your financial situation.
  • If enrolled, achieve sets up new secured accounts in your name and directs you to shift high-interest balances to these accounts.
  • Achieve then negotiates with your creditors on your behalf to reduce interest rates, fees, and minimum monthly payments
  • You make one monthly payment to Achieve. They distribute payments across your consolidated debts.

The program length is typically 3-5 years until all your debts are repaid in full.

The Key Benefits of Achieve Debt Consolidation are:

By negotiating lower interest rates and minimum payments, your total monthly payment is usually reduced.

  • You make one easy payment to Achieve instead of tracking multiple bills.
  • Interest rates may be lowered or eliminated, helping you save money.
  • Late fees, over-limit fees, and other penalties can be avoided.
  • Achieve handles communications with creditors for you.
  • Know exactly what to pay each month to become debt-free.
  • Making on-time payments can gradually help improve your credit score.

 Potential Drawbacks

While debt consolidation offers advantages, be aware of the possible downsides:

  • Achieve Debt Consolidation does not operate in New Jersey, Vermont, or West Virginia.
  • You’ll pay $25-$75 per month, as well as an initial setup fee.
  • Your score may drop when accounts are first closed.
  • Achieve focuses solely on debt repayment.
  • The program is not a loan, so debts are not forgiven.

What Achieve Debt Consolidation Reviews Reveals?

Analyzing independent customer reviews can provide deeper insights into real experiences with Achieve Debt Consolidation:

Many reviewers highlight lowered monthly payments as a key benefit and stress reliever.

However, some felt Achieve did not negotiate their advertised “up to 50% reduction” in interest rates. Actual interest rate drops were smaller.

Reviews on customer service are mixed. Some found representatives helpful and responsive. Others had issues reaching knowledgeable reps.

A common complaint is unexpected fees that were only disclosed later in the process, not upfront.

Eligibility for an Achieve Personal Loan

Achieve personal loans are unsecured instalment loans that can be a good option for borrowing money if you need funds for things like debt consolidation, home improvements, medical expenses, or other major costs. To qualify for an Achieve personal loan you’ll generally need:

  • A minimum credit score of 640. Achieve looks for applicants with fair credit or better.
  • Stable income. You’ll need to provide proof of income, like recent pay stubs.
  • A low debt-to-income ratio. Achieve wants to see that your total monthly debt payments aren’t more than 50% of your gross monthly income.

How to Apply for an Achieve personal loan

To apply for an Achieve personal loan:

  • Go to and click “Apply Now” for personal loans.
  • Provide information about yourself including your name, contact details, income, employment, and Social Security number.
  • Answer questions about the loan amount you need and what you will use the funds for.
  • Provide your banking and income documentation.
  • Review your rate offers without impacting your credit score.
  • If approved, e-sign your loan documents.
  • Achieve will deposit your approved loan amount directly into your bank account, often as soon as the next business day.

Then you can use your Achieve personal loan funds for your intended purpose and make monthly payments until your loan is paid off. Make sure to make your payments on time to avoid late fees and penalties.

How Long Does It Takes To Get A Loan From Achieve Debt Consolidation?

Once you submit your application and documentation, it typically takes 2-3 weeks to get approved and receive loan funds from Achieve Debt Consolidation.

The company first reviews your information to determine if you qualify based on credit history, income, and existing debt obligations.

If approved, it then takes time for Achieve to negotiate your new repayment terms with each creditor. This process of establishing the consolidated accounts and payment terms delays funding. Some reviewers said it took up to 30 days from application to have their new consolidated loan accounts funded.

The timeline can vary depending on your specific debt situation. But in most cases, expect around 3 weeks from submitting a complete application to getting approved and receiving your loan.

Is Achieve Debt Consolidation Right For Your Situation?

While Achieve Debt Consolidation can provide meaningful relief for some, assess your specific circumstances:

It can work well if you have good credit but high credit card debt. Debt negotiation has more leverage with default risk low. Not ideal for consolidating student loans, medical debt, auto loans, or other non-credit card obligations.

First, consider alternatives like balance transfer cards or non-profit credit counselling to compare. Make a budget to confirm that reduced payments are affordable for you.

Carefully weigh the pros and cons of your financial situation.


Achieve Debt Consolidation can deliver a structured path to becoming debt-free, especially for credit card balances. But do your homework first.

Reviews suggest the program works better for some situations more than others. Make sure to understand any hidden fees not disclosed upfront before enrolling.

With eyes wide open to both the potential rewards and possible pitfalls, you can determine if Achieve Debt Consolidation is the right decision.



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