Abel Visiting Scholar Program 2024 Norway – APPLY NOW

The 2024 edition of the Abel Visiting Scholar Program in Norway is currently open for applications, The program is designed for mathematicians who professionally reside in eligible developing countries. If you are a post-doctoral mathematician in the early stages of your career and currently reside in an eligible developing country, the Abel Visiting Scholar Program is the perfect opportunity to expand your horizon.

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The Abel Visiting Scholar program offers full funding to all international students. If we approve your application, we will cover all your study expenses within the duration of the program. Keep reading to explore more details of this program including its benefits, eligibility criteria, and application procedure.

Abel Visiting Scholar Program

The Commission for Developing Countries (CDC) of the International Mathematical Union (IMU) administers the Abel Visiting Scholar Program, which aims to foster collaboration between mathematicians from developing countries and their international counterparts.

The Visiting Scholar Program provides an invaluable opportunity for mathematicians to visit an international research collaborator for one month. However, In a situation where the collaboration extends beyond this initial period, the applicant must secure financial support from the host institution to cover living expenses.

Before we explore further into the details of this program, let’s discuss briefly about the organization behind it

About Commission for Developing Countries (CDC)

The Commission for Developing Countries commonly referred to as CDC, was established in 2011, The CDC is a commission of the International Mathematical Union (IMU). IMU has a long history of supporting mathematical institutions and individual mathematicians in the developing world. Their support activities include research travel and conference grants, volunteer lectures, joint research projects, and donations.

Benefits of the Abel Visiting Scholar Program

As an Abel Visiting Scholar, you can expect a comprehensive package of benefits. In addition to the grant which covers up to 4,400 EUR (5,000 Dollars), you also receive:

  • Travel costs, including economy class airfare from your workplace to the host institution.
  • (Public) transport between the nearest airport and the destination, with up to four taxi fares reimbursed.
  • Visa fees and travel insurance charges.
  • We cover your basic living costs for the first month, including public transport and other living expenses.

  • Your Accommodation costs in the host country are covered. You can also stay in hotels if no other suitable options are available.

Note: Please ensure that you keep all relevant invoices and receipts, and submit them to the CDC/IMU Secretariat by regular mail.

Eligibility Criteria for Abel Visiting Scholar Program

To be eligible, applicants must meet the following criteria, Please note that these requirements are mandatory:

  • Candidates must possess a Ph.D. in Mathematics at the time of application.
  • Currently resides in a developing country, as defined by IMU.
  • Applicants must be occupying a position in a university or research institution.
  • He/She must be in the early stages of their professional career, typically under 35 years of age at the application deadline.
  • We may make exceptions for individuals with a broken career pattern and particularly encourage applications from women mathematicians.

Application Procedure for the Abel Visiting Scholar Program 2024

Qualified Candidates can access the application form at https://www.mathunion.org/cdc/grants/grants-online-application-form-and-online-report-form

The completed application form submitted includes the following

  • An applicant’s and host’s CV, including a list of recent publications of 3 pages max. each)
  • Research statement for the visit showing the research project and list the mathematicians with whom the applicant will collaborate.
  • Letter of recommendation
  • A copy of the PhD certificate
  • The employer signs and stamps a statement about the current employment status/position in the home institution

  • A budget plan.
  • The applicant’s photograph for the IMU website

However, it needs to be completed before the deadline.

Official website: https://www.mathunion.org/cdc/grants/research-travel-grants/abel-visiting-scholar-programx

Application Deadlines

  • April 30, 2023, for visits between September 1 and December 31, 2023.
  • December 31, 2023, for visits between May 1 and August 31, 2024.



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