7 Ways to Find What You Are Good At

One of the ways to succeed in life is to know what you are good at. This information is very useful for success in your career. It can also help you market yourself to employers and seek out jobs where you are most likely to thrive. This article will give reveal the 7 ways to easily find what you are good at. Read on to get the full information.

7 Ways to Find What You Are Good At

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7 Ways to Find What You Are Good At

There is a relationship between your natural gifts, your career, and your purpose. Because they are connected, making this discovery will help you discover and fulfill your purpose generally.

Why should I care about knowing what I’m good at?

What you are good at are your strengths and it is very important to discover them. Some of the reasons why they are important are;

  • Discovering what you are good at will to help you find your focus. Finding your skills, strengths, and passion can give you a sense of purpose and direction that brings new focus to your life.
  • It can help you be more productive. This means that it will help you make better use of your time and energy to produce your best quality work.
  • It will help you find the best for you.
  • Knowing your strengths brings a whole new level of confidence.

These are the major reasons why you should discover your strengths and passion.

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5 Questions to Ask Yourself

If you are one of the people with the popular phrase in their mouth “I don’t know what I’m good at”, then you must answer these five questions.

  • What empowers you?
  • What comes to you naturally?
  • What compliments do you tend to ignore?
  • What skills have helped you thrive or overcome hurdles?
  • What were you good at as a child?

Make sure you give precise answers to these questions, as they will give   you a great insight into what your real gifts, strengths, and passion are

What you’re good at versus what you’re passionate about

One of the major quests of individuals is to get better at what they are passionate about. Sometimes, the two factors don’t align. To understand yourself better, you must be able to differentiate between them. Here are some lists that describe them both perfectly;

What you are Good At

What you are good at is broken down into three major areas;

Innate Talent

These are the abilities that you have naturally ad the skills that you pick up faster than other people. For example, some people easily learn mathematical concepts than other people.

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Your Knowledge Base

This is the compound of everything that you know.  Some people find it easier to retain information than other people. You will be able to engage in some simple or complex concepts with less conscious effort.


One thing that is very hard to hide is your natural talent, and so many people will undoubtedly notice. Remember that it’s all right to accept compliments and praise.

What You’re Passionate About

Your passion is grouped into the following elements;


Passions are intertwined with interests. It may be very hard to indulge in your passions, but if you’re having fun with it, then it’s worth the effort. Interest can also develop into a passion with continuous practice and immersion.

What Makes you Intrinsically Motivated

One of the sweetest passions is that we find fulfillment in doing, not recognition. Our passions can help us to remain thankful for this life and give us the freedom to choose to spend every day differently.

One thing about your passion is that your skill level is not very important. You may not be a professional in what you are passionate about.

How To Find What You’re Good At

Just as we promised at the beginning of this article, this section shall give you the best 7 things to consider when looking for what you are good at. Let’s get right into it.

Think about what skills have helped you succeed

The first step to take is to reflect on your education and work history. Also, include your volunteer roles and internships.  What did you enjoy the most at your workplace? What are the things that you did not enjoy? What made you feel accomplished? Did you get any form of feedback on your performance? With all this information, you will get to know what you are good at and what you should be doing

Take notes about how you spend your free time

One of the most common ways people spend their free time is exercising their hobbies. Your hobbies can give you a lot of information about what your interests are professionally and privately. Now, keep a record of what you do during this free time and how they make you fulfilled.

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Ask others for their opinions

This is one of the most effective ways you can find out the real truth. Ask those who respect you to give you honest information about what you are good at. It can be very hard to analyze yourself by yourself. Therefore, getting an external opinion will be very useful.

Look for patterns

One of the best factors to consider is patterns. what you do repetitively is an excellent indicator of your strengths and passion.

Identify what you love to do

It is very logical to agree that most people tend to be good at what they love. Although this is not 100 percent true in all situations.

Think of all the things you love to do, and see if they lead you to a tangible set of skills. If you love writing, this means you may have above-average writing skills. If you love math, numbers will most likely make more sense to you than they do to other people.

Take an assessment

The best way to know the best of your abilities or your skills is to take an assessment. A good assessment across many skills will show you which is the best you have. Employers usually use these assessments to know the best choice of employees for their company.

Go explore

The world is full of opportunities and they are all waiting for us to find them. To explore your skills, try traveling, taking new classes, and meeting new people to expand your horizons. Explore and allow yourself to make genuine mistakes, master new skill sets too.

How To Find Your Passion and Purpose

How do you find your passion and purpose in life? Here are some suggestions we have for you;

  • Consider something you already love doing
  • Find out what you spend hours reading about
  • Brainstorm amongst all the options you have generated
  • Ask others. Know their opinion
  • Don’t quit your job yet, you may need it to be psychologically balanced
  • Meditate

Here are some steps to take and some things to consider to find out your passion in life.

How To Find Your Passion as A Teenager

It is very important that you discover your passion and purpose as a teenager. It will help you spend enough time in life cultivating and utilizing them. Here are some steps to help you find your passion as a teenager;

  • Change your perspective of seeing things. Believe that all challenges have solutions
  • Explore your needs or priorities
  • Discover the things you love
  • Think about what it is for a while
  • Take notes of patterns. The things you love doing repeatedly
  • Take a look at your fears
  • Keep your mind open
  • Leave your comfort zone
  • Have more faith in yourself

If you take on these new actions, you will be able to isolate the things you are passionate about and use them to your advantage.

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Frequently Asked Questions

What Maybe Holding You Back from Living Your Passion?

There are a lot of things that stop people from pursuing their passion in life and the chief of them is fear. Apart from fear, the following things also contribute;

  • Closing your mind to new ideas
  • Paying attention to the wrong things
  • Not accessing your mistakes and not having a clear vision
  • Procrastination
  • Expecting instant results.

Why Do You Need a Sense of Purpose?

Having a sense of purpose has a close relation to having the intention to accomplish something that is very meaningful to you and makes a positive difference to others.

Therefore, having a sense of purpose in what you do at work means believing that what you do is meaningful and contributes to making a positive difference to others.

At What Age Should You Decide on Your Career?

The best age range to decide on your career is in your 20s.

How Do Kids Find Their Passion?

To help your kids find their passion, take the steps below;

  • Foster Their Natural Talents.
  • Challenge Them.
  • Sign Them Up for a Sport.
  • Sign them up to learn an instrument
  • Help Them with Their Homework
  • Have good communication with your kids
  • Give Them Chores.

Conclusively, knowing your gifts, strengths and talents will help you make more achievements in your lifetime. Practice the steps given in this article and expect the best result.

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