7 Best Home Improvements for 2024

Homeowners traditionally approach upgrading properties from two angles – improving daily enjoyment through modernized finishes and layouts while boosting future resale value. In 2024, a handful of remodeling trends stand poised to maximize both livability today and buyer appeal tomorrow when aiming to get top dollar down the road.

7 Best Home Improvements for 2024
7 Best Home Improvements for 2024

The mainstream desire for openness, tech integration, and escapes from kitchens to baths outdoors shapes which coming improvements offer the biggest bang for the buck. Investing in projects enhancing flow or functionality in particular leads to happier households pre-sale while showcasing what future families most covet on shopping lists from austerity measures like solar power to dream additions of backyard cottages promising flexible space.

7 Best Home Improvements for 2024

The following seven 2024 home renovation trends check every box driving this decade’s lending landscape while speaking to enduring consumer preferences regardless of economic uncertainties. Putting budgets behind any of these coming year improvements ensures maintaining modern relevance both personally and for Eval buyers eventually entering the equation down the road.

1. Open Floor Plans Achieve Mainstream Desire for Flow

Across aging homes, closed-off rooms with narrow doorways STILL PREVAIL despite open-concept great rooms dominating new builds last decade thanks to buyer demand. Outdated architectural layouts confine families in 2024 despite requiring flexibility suitable for evolving needs from kids spreading out to accommodating multi-generational cohabitation under pandemic trend shifts to sheltering-in-place norms. Cue dated walls coming down!

Creating natural light-filled common areas with clear sightlines proves paramount. This promise led over 80% of renovating homeowners to choose open concept builds in 2023. Joining kitchens and living rooms by removing physical barriers best achieves better traffic flow and family unity simultaneously.

Even smaller-scale change like widening door frames and trading doors for wide openings breathes life into boxed-in houses. Just ensure structural soundness before sledgehammering!

2. Integration of Smart Home Technology

No longer the exclusive domain of the affluent or technophiles alone, everyday homeowners enter 2024 keenly expecting baseline smart amenities led by digital voice assistance. Where households once imagined granular controls through apps alone, living assistance arrives hands-free through commands improving security, energy use, and entertainment dexterity daily. Even older homes adapt.

Budget automated lighting, thermostats, and appliances build intelligence cheaply into existing electrical systems while third-party gadgets add mobile monitoring onto outdated hardware through creative integrations. Look to level up deadbolts, cameras, switches, sensors, and power outlets first to enable foundations for expanding whole home networks down the roads as ecosystems advance reliability and value exponentially. 2024 makes smart homes mainstream.

3. Outdoor Living Builds Invaluable Hardscaping

Whether due to increasingly lengthy sun-drenched seasons annually or 2020’s push towards socially distanced backyards hangs changing notions of homescapes permanently, outdoor living elements represent 2024’s coming coveted centerpieces. Pavers, pergolas, and fully functional outdoor kitchens take center stage through the home shopping Spring. No longer bonus niceties, framed views, dining areas open air build invaluable hardscaping luring future buyers despite economic uncertainty or winter climates.

While lavish quartz-capped kitchens and cozy firepits flaunting HGTV luxuries visually stun, even modest builds effectively extending entertaining outside deliver disproportionate home valuation returns thanks to shopper consensus on the issue. Redfin data shows 97% now deem outdoor living areas essential not excessive. Start with deck flooring to set the stage then incorporate stone benches, shade sails based on regional considerations, and budget breathing opportunities into overlooked lawns.

4. Alternative Energy Adoption No Longer Niche

Many homeowners once dragged their heels imagining substantial investments required rallying around solar or geothermal conversions seemingly disruptive just to curb fossil fuel dependencies in the long term. However, 2024 ushers in one eco-punch solution easing adoption plausibly thanks to financial incentives meeting environmental accountability halfway for savvy property owners no longer crunching ROI return timetables in decades. Made realistic through progress.

Modular solar shingles seamlessly integrate atop existing rooflines capturing rays minus protruding angled panels compromising architectural aesthetics. Meanwhile, advanced heat pumps reliably warm and cool utilizing modest grid supplements at nearly half the cost of former HVAC systems. Government rebates pad savings further.

Consider conveniently scalable battery storage options or community solar buying cooperatives lowering barriers upfront. Green need not mean exclusive granola today.

5. Custom Built-Ins Elevate Organization

While open floorplans sacrifice segments of walls once lined with storage solutions, homeowners still require adequate organizational tools even amidst contemporary configurations. Custom built-in cabinetry, shelving, closet systems and bench seating living beyond big box grab bags bring bespoke solutions into reality – becoming comparatively affordable thanks to digital designers streamlining steps for everyday renovation dreamers rather than strictly pros.

Online apps toggle adjustable layouts through intuitive drag-and-drop tools previewing outcomes. Mobile functionality then connects homeowners with qualified local installers building best fits measured precisely maximizing unused voids as optimal display cases, mudrooms, or storage expanses for unique contents.

Final costs remain reasonable thanks to templated assembly processes using modular off-the-shelf components personalized through mixed materials like wood fronts and painted shelving building distinct millwork.

6. Bathroom Spa Retreats Offer At-Home escapes

2021 announcements by pharmaceutical giants shifting focus towards wellness and sustainability effects positively permeate 2024’s home upgrades too through pampering bathroom improvement projects. As daily demands drag nearly two-thirds of homeowners well past burnout toward total work-life imbalance, sanctuaries promise restoration now deeply valued. Bathrooms bud into full-fledged spas thanks to smart jets, aromatherapy, and aged material finishes cueing towels to relaxation through design details delivered across cabinet hardware, lighting ambiance, and water features.

Transcendent showers mimic rainstorms through customized combinations of recessed shelving, bench seating, and floor-to-ceiling greenspace views outside fog-free glass doors promising owners daily escapes. Freestanding soaker tubs set scenic stages letting stresses soak away.

The bacteria and veterans alike discover renewed energy during mundane moments through reframing well-worn spaces and focusing on self-care additions like moisture-rich steam rooms. Treat yourself in 2024.

7. Backyard Buildings house Flex Rooms

Whether driven by grown children boomeranging back home under record inflation or aging relatives requiring live-in caretakers, the rise of multigenerational households sharing single-family abodes balloons in 2024.

This necessitates creating flexible quarters allowing makeshift partitions despite maxing out existing rooms. Enter backyard building additions from standalone garages equipped as accessory dwellings to mini guest houses with bathrooms expanding boundaries past crammed confines through annexed respites slightly removed from main domains alleviating pressures of overcrowding peacefully.

These detached backyard structures hire out affordably thanks to stock modular construction techniques utilizing offsite building then simple trucking and assembly on location within days. Completed buildings outfit functionally first as workshops or studios then phase into interim studios or in-law suites adding self-contained hospitality accommodations phasing needs arise down the road.

Value heightens thanks to embedded flexibility luring future shopping families accordingly. Clear opportunities await.


Rather than stalling decisions and waiting for perfect economic alignments skewing conservatives to avoid home improvements seemingly sensible but easily postponed perpetually, 2024 offers clear indications on which coming indoor and outdoor additions promise hot returns despite housing market adjustments. Giving existing homes fresh relevance through pushed boundaries and amplified intelligence positions properties ahead of coming competition.

Buyers bite best on biting trends rather than aging staples stuck through past decades. Invest wisely this year in the improvements outlined today for tomorrow’s ideal home sales seeing beyond any immediate uncertainty to inevitable affairs.



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