How to Use Snap Layouts on Windows 11

This content would offer you the step on how to use Snap Layouts on windows 11. Snap layouts would allow you to maximize your screen real estate by physically arranging multiple open apps in a specific grid on the desktop.

How to Use Snap Layouts on Windows 11

For a while now, there has been windows snapping, but windows 11 takes it a step further. Windows 11 brought about the snap layouts, a simplified version of the drag-to-snap window snapping and arrangement system in windows. It is a great way for you to arrange your windows in the new update.

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How to Use Snap Layouts on Windows 11

Snap Layouts would aid you in organizing apps side by side on the screen. The snap layout available can hold apps of different sizes and it would allow you to see them all at once. Below, I have outlined the steps on How to Use Snap Layouts on Windows 11.

  • First, hover the mouse cursor on the “maximize” button in an app window in other to display snap layouts. To head there faster, you can use the Keyboard Shortcut Windows + Z.
  • The snap layout menu would show you the four available layouts. Bigger screens would give you about six layouts on the menu
  • Take the mouse to the layout that you would like to open for apps to be placed. On hover, the selected layout would be highlighted with a color according to the current window theme.
  • Select the pane in the layout where you would like your current window to be placed.
  • Then, the open windows of the app would snap right into position on your desktop
  • Other apps open would appear as large thumbnails in the other panes of the layout. Open the apps individually and then select the zone that you want the app to be in.
  • Alternatively, you can make use of Win + Arrow key to move a window to the desired snap layout zone.
  • Adjust the size of the apps in the layouts by dragging on the app borders.

How to Customize Snap Layouts in Windows 11

There are some ways you can change how the snap layouts work in windows 11. The option is self-explanatory, and you can select or deselect them to finetune the way snap layouts work in windows 11. By default, all the options would be enabled.

  • Go to “settings” > “system” > “multitasking” > “snap windows”
  • After that, select or deselect the checkboxes
  • In other to disable the snap layouts, you can use the toggle switch.

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Turn off Snap Layouts

If you are interested in turning off your snap layouts entirely, there is a way for you to get that done in the settings. The steps include:

  • First head to “windows Settings” > “system” > “Multitasking”
  • At the end of the snap windows tab, click on the toggle, which should state “on” by default.
  • With this, your windows snap layout would now be turned off until you turn them back on.

Change Windows 11 Snap Layouts Settings

You can choose to fine-tune your snap layout experience right in the settings. Follow the highlighted steps below to do that:

  • First head over to windows settings > systems > Multitasking
  • Then click on the arrow located at the end of the snap windows tab to expand the options
  • After that, check/uncheck the settings that you would like to use or not use.

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How Do I Change my Keyboard Layouts in Windows 11?

In other for you to change your Keyboard Language, head over to the settings > “Time and Language” > “Language and Region” > “Add a Language”. To switch between keyboard layouts, press the “windows key+Spacebar”.

How do I Change the Snap Layout in Windows 11?

You can choose to click on the windows Key + Z or hover over the Maximize/Restore button to change the snap Layouts, or head to the settings if you want to fine-tune the experience. The process is as simple as stated.

How do I get snap Layout on Windows?

Enabling snap layout on windows 11 is not that complicated. By default snap layout are enabled on windows 11, and you can get them by clicking on the “Windows Key + Z”

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