Will Elden Ring Get a Crossplay Feature?

Will Elden Ring Get a Crossplay Feature? While having an Elden Ring crossplay feature seems really cool. There are tons of factors that you would need to consider if you think it could actually be possible.

Will Elden Ring Get a Crossplay Feature?

The multiplayer mechanics of the game are quite robust, offering both co-op PvP elements in other to enhance your single-player experience. Portals throughout the entire lands indicate that you could be invaded at any point by an enemy player, so it’s best to stay on your guard and steer clear if you do not want to rumble.

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Elden Ring Crossplay

Although Player interaction and game-hacking are some major aspects of Elden ring’s expansive fantasy realm, at the moment, the current multiplayer function is still quite restrictive when it comes to the platform crossplay potential.

FromSoftware is quite fond of tough bosses and challenging enemy encounters. In this regard, the Elden Ring is no different from other games that are still in development, repertoire in that it is brutal difficulty spikes can cause the gamers to throw down their controller out of anger.

But whilst most challenging games feature a crossplay element as a built-in mechanic, the same does not go for the number 1 souls like of 2022.

Well, this pops out the question: Does Elden Rings support Crossplay? Below I have outlined the details concerning the game’s crossplay options and whether we get to expect a broader spectrum from the feature anytime in the coming future.

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Everything to Know About Elden Ring Crossplay

Not at least and probably not in the way that you would want it to be. Elden ring offers crossplay for systems in one particular family. So, Xbox One, and Xbox Series S/X players would be able to play the game together. And the same goes for PS4 and PS5 players also. You can choose to summon your friend who has a next-generation console.

With that stated, the game does not offer crossplay between console families. PC players would not be able to play the game with Xbox or PlayStation player. Helping one another here is totally out of the picture currently. Well, that is quite sad seeing as Elden ring offers a great opportunity to help your friends through difficult content.

Would there be a Crossplay?

At the moment, nothing has been said. There is no official word from Bandai Namco or FromSoftware. They have not even teased it; all we can say at the moment is that it is not looking Good. Sekiro: Shadow die twice did not receive the feature, so at the moment, we should not be expecting to believe that crossplay would ever come to the game.

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