10 Cheap Online Bachelors’ Degrees You Can Take

Read this article to the very end to know the 10 Cheap Online Bachelors’ Degrees You Can Take in 2022. In times past, getting a bachelor’s degree was so traditional.

10 Cheap Online Bachelors’ Degrees You Can Take

It was a compulsion to go through the four walls of college or a university. That system of education had so many limitations and needed to be replaced. At least, the world needed a more flexible system.

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These limitations were combated by the dawn of the information or technological era. With the aid of the internet, people can become educated at their own pace and get as many degrees as possible.

Getting a bachelor’s degree online is very common nowadays. However, one has to be very careful to get accredited degrees valued all over the world.

The 15 universities listed below offer the cheapest online bachelor’s degree in the year 2022.

10 Cheap Online Bachelors’ Degrees You Can Take

The fact that they are accredited is not the only reason why we have chosen them for this article. Affordability is another factor that was considered, thoroughly.

Universities Offering the Cheapest Online Bachelor’s Degree

The list below contains some of the best and cheapest online universities to earn a bachelor’s degree in 2022.

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Troy University

Troy University located in Troy Alabama is considered one of the best because of so many reasons. The first is that it has 31 majors available in the online Bachelor’s program.

Another reason is that The Troy Military Family scholarship pays all the tuition costs above $250 a credit hour for any student currently serving in the United States military, National Guard, and Reserve.

Spouses and dependents also have discounts of 25 to 50 percent off their tuition costs. For nonmilitary members of this school, to get information about their tuition fees, visit their official website at: www.troy.edu/academicprograms/.

Some courses offered at this university are;

  • Online BSN to RN
  • Bachelor’s in Computer Science Online
  • Online Bachelor’s in Marketing
  • Bachelor’s in Philosophy Online

This university is accredited by the Southern Association of Colleges and Schools Commission on Colleges.

Fort Hays State University

In the cheap online university of Fort Hays, there are about 22 different courses of study available. They also have a cheap online Bachelor of General Studies that you can work with an advisor to customize your career levels and needs.

This university maintains a separate Tuition fees plan for the members of its Virtual college.

Some of the degree programs offered at this university are;

  • Online BSN to RN
  • Bachelor’s in Computer Science Online
  • Online Bachelor’s in Marketing
  • Bachelor’s in Philosophy Online

To get more information about the tuition fees of this university, visit their official website at www.fhsu.edu/virtualcollege/degrees/bachelors/.

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Murray State University

Murray State University located in Murray Kentucky is a school that offers a tiered tuition system, the tuition fees of this school are very affordable for students who are not financially capable to handle the standard fees.

There are different rates for in-state and out-state students. It offers a middle tier for residents of Alabama, Illinois, Indiana, Missouri, and Tennessee.

Murray University offers six different online Bachelor’s degree programs. Their tuition is cheap and they have a higher ranking compared to schools located on this list.

Some degrees offered at this University are;

  • Online Bachelor’s in Business Administration
  • Bachelor’s in Computer Information Systems Online
  • Online Bachelor’s in Logistics and Supply Chain Management
  • RN to BSN Online

To get more information about this school, visit the official website; www.murraystate.edu/academics/regionalAcademicOutreach/distance-learning/programs.aspx#online-undergraduate-degree-programs.

University of Alaska Fairbanks

University of Alaska Fairbanks located in Fairbanks, Alaska charges in-state tuition to its online-only students. The per-hour rate of the students in this school varies depending on the type of class that you are attending.

Presently, all their undergraduate fees are below $300 an hour. The University of Alaska also has dedicated staff to support the unique needs of its students.

They have received some additional recognition because of their military support programs and also, through their cheap online bachelor’s degree programs.

Some of the degrees offered in this University are;

  • Online Bachelor’s in Psychology
  • inhelor’s in Business Administration Online
  • Online Bachelor’s in Homeland Security and Online Management
  • Bachelor’s in Justice Online

To get more details about the University, visit their major website: elearning.uaf.edu/degrees/

West Texas A&M University

This is another well-respected university known for keeping its college prices very low.  Besides offering in-state tuition to counties bordering Texas, another plan of this great institution is to lock in your current year’s tuition for your entire term of study in the institution.

This can help students in planning their expenses. The online bachelor’s degree offered at this university has received special recognition for its special friendliness.

This college offers four different paths to a cheap online Bachelor’s degree and a further three options for those with previous college degrees or credit.

Some degree courses offered in this university are;

  • Online Bachelor’s in Business Administration with four concentrations
  • Bachelor’s in Criminal Justice Administration Online
  • Online Bachelor’s in General Studies
  • Bachelor’s in Health Sciences Online

To get more information about this university, visit the website below;


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Minot State University

This is one of the dream destinations for many Canadian students and it plays a very vital role in the state’s public education system.

This university is nationally recognized because of its quality and value. This State University also offers seven different cheap online bachelor’s degree options and a separate BSN completion option for people having existing college credit.

This University has jumped on the rate bandwagon of tuition for all their online students, regardless of places of residence

Some of the degrees offered in this university are;

  • Online Bachelor’s in General Studies
  • Bachelor’s in Management Information Systems Online
  • Online Bachelor’s in International Business
  • Bachelor’s in Marketing Online

To know their rate per hour, visit their online page at www.minotstateu.edu/online/degrees.shtml

South Texas College

South Texas College is located in McAllen, their lowest price is for four online bachelor’s degree options, their website says they plan to add more degree options.

South Texas College has a student-faculty ratio of 24:1. Services for online students include counseling, financial aid, career counseling, and supervision. They also have services for veterans and people with disabilities. some of the degrees you can get from this college are;

  • Online Bachelor’s in Computer and Information Technologies
  • Online Bachelor’s in Technology Management
  • Bachelor’s in Organizational Leadership Online
  • Bachelor’s in Medical and Health Services Management Online

To get more information about this university, visit their official website at;


Northwestern State University of Louisiana

Northwestern University located in Louisiana offers some of the cheapest online Bachelors degrees compared to other institutions. Because of its cheap tuition, online admission into the university is very competitive.

This institution charges out-of-state fees to online students only.

This institution of higher learning offers an excellent selection of majors at the Bachelor’s level.

Some of the  online Bachelor’s degrees  offered by this University are;

  • Online Bachelor’s in Social Work
  • Bachelor’s in Accounting Online
  • Online Bachelor’s in Computer Information Systems
  • Bachelor’s in Business Administration Online

Visit the website below to get more details about this University.


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Clayton State University

Online students of this university are eligible for all the services available to traditional students. You will also get a live tutoring service that is available when the on-campus tutoring center has been closed. This school also has a center for veteran services.

You are very open to 14 different cheap Bachelor’s degree programs and run both 8 weeks and 16 weeks courses. The student-to ratio is 18:1. Some of the online bachelor’s degrees available at this university are;

  • Online Bachelor’s in English
  • Bachelor’s in Technology Management Online
  • Online Bachelor’s in History
  • Bachelor’s in Administrative Management Online

To get more details about this school, visit the official website at


Great Basin College Online

The Great Basin College offers satellite campuses, a region that touches the following places; Oregon, Idaho, Utah, California, and Arizona, from its home in Nevada.

The per-hour rate for this university is very low compared to that of other schools. they do not charge out-of-state tuition fees to online students during the summer session.

These are some Great Basin College Online Degrees;

  • Online Bachelor’s in Land Surveying/Geomatics Emphasis
  • Bachelor’s in Graphic Communications Online
  • Online Bachelor’s in English
  • RN to BSN Online

To get more information about this college, visit the link below;


these are the ten colleges to get the cheapest Bachelors’ degrees.

Why Should you Get a Cheap Online Degree?

There are so many reasons why you should get a cheap online degree highlighted below;

You Spend Shorter Time Learning

This is a very remarkable feature of online degrees. When a degree takes two years offline, it would take less than two years online. Some of these degrees allow you to study at your own pace. Most online courses provide a six months bachelor’s degree program.

It Allows Students to Work While They Undergo a Degree Program

One very good advantage of a cheap online degree is that it gives freedom to students. With these degree programs, students can work while studying. This is mainly because the time of the lectures is usually scheduled by the students.

Students Learn Better

Learning online allow students to learn in a very relaxed state. Unlike offline traditional degrees, where lectures are scheduled without considering the students. You can schedule your lectures when you are completely settled and free from work.

It is very Easy to Get

Earning your degree online is less stressful than the traditional offline system of learning. It does not involve compulsory class times and transportation costs. You can have your classes in the comfort of your home. This way, you will be able to give wrapped attention at your convenient time.

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Cheapest Bachelor’s Degree For International Students

Earning a Bachelor’s degree is not very easy for international students in the United State. However, there are some surprisingly cheap universities in the United States where international students can get bachelor’s degrees. The list below contains 7 of them;

  • Lehman College
  • South Texas College
  • Minot State College
  • Alcorn State University
  • California State University, Long Beach
  • Bringham Young University
  • The City University of New York.

These are the cheapest Universities in the United States where international students can study and earn master’s degrees.

Cheap Online Universities For International Students

There are two major online tuition-free Universities in the United States for international students. Degrees from these universities are respected all over the world and they are accredited by national and international bodies.

These universities are;

Open University, UK

The Open University of the United Kingdom is one of the best tuition-free universities for international students in the world. This university is an online accredited public research university located in the United Kingdom. Many accolades are paraded about this university. It awards the following types of degrees;

  • Honors degree
  • Integrated masters’ degrees
  • Diplomas of Higher Education
  • Open University certificates

To get more information about the Open University of the United Kingdom,  go to their major website; www.open.ac.uk/courses/all.

University of the people, USA

The University of the People in the United States of America is designed to give you flexible studies.  The University of the People, USA charges free tuition fees. For most undergraduate degrees, they are no formal qualifications to be admitted. The list of programs given at this university is given below;

Undergraduate Programs

  • Computer Science.
  • Health Science
  • Business Administration

Graduate Programs

  • Master in Business Administration (MBA)
  • Master in Education (ME. d)

To get more information about this university, visit the website below;


Frequently Asked Questions

What Is The Cheapest And Easiest Online Degree To Get Fast?

The cheapest and Fastest online degrees to get are;

  • Cyber security by Bellevue University
  • Emergency Management by Arkansas State University
  • Digital marketing degree by Missouri Southern State University
  • Healthcare Administration by St Joseph’s College
  • Politics & Economics by Eastern Oregon University
  • Nursing by Fort Hays State University.

Is it Cheaper to Get An Online Degree?

For a lot of reasons, colleges and universities that offer online degrees are less expensive than traditional brick-and-mortar universities. Many schools specializing in providing online degrees have very few expenses to incur.

How Fast Can You Get An Online Degree?

Some campus-based degree programs last about 16 weeks, but the fastest online degree programs last about 8 weeks. That’s about half the time.

How Can I Get My Bachelor’s Degree Online for Free?

It is most likely impossible to get online college degrees without spending a dime. But some online colleges offer very competitive merit or need-based scholarships or grants that cover 100% of the tuition fees and leave students responsible for additional fees.

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