Apple Will Not Launch an Apple Watch for Kids

Apple will not launch an apple watch for kids as it doesn’t need to.

Apple Will Not Launch an Apple Watch for Kids

Apple Will Not Launch an Apple Watch for Kids

For some time now, we have been expecting to see the much-acclaimed apple watch 8, apple watch SE, and the Apple watch Pro at the Far Out event tomorrow September 7 by appl. But one thing however that we are not expecting is that there will be another model at the event and one that will be aimed at kids.

The New York Times Article in Regards to an Apple Watch for Kids

The whole idea is coming from an article by The New York Times that rants for a very long time about how parents have been spending huge amounts buying the apple watch SE for their kids instead of getting them a smartphone. But in all that, it is now claimed that a cheaper smartphone is set to be launched by apple in its upcoming event tomorrow.

This very claim has been made by ‘two people involved with the project, which were not authorized to speak publicly.’ This is one claim that could be true. But the main idea that a wearable is now designed for children as many platforms and websites have been reporting seems very much unlikely. It is in fact probably just the apple watch SE 2.

It now seems for one very unlikely that Apple has managed to keep an Apple Watch model completely under the radar until one day before its launch. If that’s the case it would mean that the latest suggestion seems tenuous at best.

The Article Is Focused On Kids Making Use of Apple Watches

Additionally, while most of the article is focused on kids making use of apple watches, the sources however did not actually disclose that this one is designed specifically for kids, just that it is cheap. And also, Apple does not usually go in for the kids’ edition for its products.

Mark Gurman Does Not Believe That There Will Be a New Ultra-Cheap Apple Watch Focused On Kids

In thinking that Apple Watch for kids is very much unlikely, we are not alone as Mark Gurman, an established analyst and leaker with an excellent track record for information regarding apple and its products has added in a tweet that he does not believe that there will be a new, ultra-cheap apple watch focused on kids coming.

Gurman however argued that Apple Watch SE 2 might launch at a cheaper price than the original apple watch SE, which looks and sounds more believable than the latter.


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