Z Zurich Foundation Scholarship to Attend the one Young World Summit 2024 (Fully Funded to Montréal, Canada)

The Z Zurich Foundation Scholarship 2024 aims to offer an opportunity for 30 aspiring leaders engaged in projects related to preventive mental wellness, climate resilience, or initiatives promoting social equality through education, employability, or entrepreneurship solutions, to partake in the One Young World Summit 2024, scheduled to be held in Montréal, Canada from September 18th to 21st. If you are a young leader striving to advocate for any of these causes, this scholarship could be a fitting opportunity for you.

Z Zurich Foundation Scholarship To Attend The One Young World Summit

The Z Zurich Foundation is devoted to creating brighter futures for marginalized individuals. Emphasizing prevention, our work revolves around three core pillars—adapting to climate change, enhancing mental well-being, and enabling social equality. These pressing, intricate issues have profound effects on individuals, communities, and society at large.

Program Details

The Foundation’s primary focus is assisting underprivileged communities in adjusting to a shifting climate. Our mission is to establish a worldwide network committed to enhancing the mental wellness of young individuals and equipping them with the necessary skills, education, and resources to achieve their utmost potential.

We firmly believe that fostering connections is crucial to shaping a brighter future, and we are dedicated to facilitating relationships between those with expertise and those in greatest need while addressing societal issues starting from the grassroots level. This is why we are dedicated to endorsing influential leaders to take part in the annual One Young World Summit, which is the most globally diverse community of young leaders.

Entry To One Young World Indigenous Day

The One Young World Indigenous Day is scheduled to take place on Tuesday, 17 September in Montréal (Tiohtiá:ke) before the main Summit dates. This gathering will unite young Indigenous and First Nations leaders from across the globe to exchange their insights, learn from one another, and interact with other One Young World Delegates. The Indigenous Day will honor the cultural diversity and customs of the host nation and offer a platform for Indigenous and First Nations youth to display their cultures and traditions. One Young World’s Indigenous Day will be accessible to scholars, delegates, and Ambassadors from indigenous communities worldwide.


  • Access to the One Young World Summit 2024 in Montréal.
  • Participation in extra scholarship activities arranged by Z Zurich Foundation. These activities may consist of sessions before and after the One Young World Summit, chances to connect and learn with the broader Z Zurich Foundation group, and a day focused on creating an impact on Sunday (22 September) during the conference week.
  • Accommodation in a Montréal hotel from September 17th to 23rd.
  • Roundtrip air travel.
  • Meals, including breakfast, lunch, and dinner.
  • Transportation between Summit locations in Montréal.

Eligibility Criteria

  • Must be between the ages of 18 and 30 during the One Young World Summit 2024.
  • Must have a strong interest in both local and global issues.
  • Must have shown dedication to making a positive difference.
  • Must be open to working together and building connections with other scholarship recipients and Zurich employees attending the Summit.
  • Must have made significant contributions in one of the following areas aligned with the Z Zurich Foundation’s work:
  • Enhancing Mental Wellbeing
  • Promoting Social Equity
  • Addressing Climate Change.

Application Process

To be a participant of the Z Zurich Foundation Scholarship to Attend the One Young World Summit, click on the “apply” button.

Visit the official website of A Z Zurich Foundation Scholarship to Attend the One Young World Summit, for further information.

Application Deadline

March 20, 2024.

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